Amazing ladies

Hi there

I have just joined your forum and I have tears in my eyes. Not for myself, but for the amazing courage and support you ladies all show to one another. You are an inspiration to ALL women, not just those who have been diagnosed. I’m so inspired by you all.

I hope I won’t be posting on here after next week…

I noticed a lump in my left breast after trying on a really really gorgeous bra that was a size too small but I desperately wanted! I then asked my husband to feel, and was waiting to be reassured by him. He did the opposite and freaked out, practically dragging me to the docs there and then. I had the luck to see a fab female doctor who not only felt the lump but drew some pinky discharge from my nipple. So I go to Southend Breast clinic next Wednesday.

I am pooing myself. My husband is abroad from this weekend, so my best friends are all coming round on Tuesday for some moral support.

I’m sure I’ll be fine, but as I’m sure you all know, flippant comments from well meaning friends aren’t helping! Unless you have been in this situation, you really do have no idea.

Again, you are all simply amazing, and I honestly wish youall the very best.

Sue x

HI rivermum,
Welcome to this wonderfull site, I know how sacrey is is for you right now but try and remember that most breast lumps (9 out of 10) are benign so try and keep that thought. Is your breast clinic a one stop clinic? if it is you should get your results the same day and hopefully you wont have to join us here, if you do have to join us i know you will get lots of advise and support from all the lovely ladies on here .I was DX in july last yr and had WLE and SNB and have just finished chemo and about to start Rads plus Tomoxifin for 5 yrs. Breast cancer treatments have come a long way even over the past 2 yrs and although the treatments can be tough sometimes, as everyone will tell you they are do-able.As you say comments from well meaning friends are not always helpfull and nobody realy knows what its like unless youve been there ,everyone here knows what an emotion rollercoaster it is so you can always come here and there will be somebody here to offer support. Good luck for weds and i will be keeping everything crossed for you and hope you dont have to join us . We are all here for you if we can offer any help. Please let us know how you get on.
All the Best
Lots of Hugs
Lindiloo x

Hi Sue
Just wanted to say that I hope all goes well for you next Wednesday, and you get good news. Will Be thinking of you.

Love and a hug

Hello there Sue,

Well sweetie you have come to the right place to get support from people who do understand how you are feeling.
We can all understand how scared you are feeling and if you need to chat about anything just give someone a shout on here and we will all lend an ear or a tissue to wipe up the tears.
BUT… fingers crossed you wont need that tissue and you will be fine !!!

Take care
claire xx

Hi Sue

As the others have said - we all understand your current feelings, and how scarey the waiting can be - but we are all here for you if you feel the need to chat/rant/shout etc etc lol

As Lindiloo has said, if you have a one-stop clinic, you should be prepared to receive the results the same day (mine was a one-stop clinic, but no-one thought to tell me that, so I sauntered off on my own, telling hubby he didn’t need to take time off to sit about while I had a whole battery of tests - was soon on the phone to him when I realised what was going to happen - but I was still on my own when I got my results. Do you have someone going with you? Hopefully your results will be good, but even so having someone there to share the relief with you will be good !

All the very best - fingers crossed that you won’t require our support !

Margaret x

Hi Sue

Just sending you good wishes for next week, like you say if you need to ask any questions just pop in here there will always be someone there for you.

Sending hugs



Hi rivermum

Breast Cancer Care have published an informative leaflet about referral to a breast clinic which you may find useful to read. I have given the link here:

Best wishes

Hi Sue

Wishing you the best of luck for Weds and hoping that you get good news.

As above please do not go on your own. I did and my bloke was overseas, did not want to worry anybody so nobody even knew I was going. Best case scenario that it is good news you then you would have someone to share that huge relief with. I hope not and wish you well, but in the worst case scenario then you have someone to help you with the emotions that brings forth and just simply someone for support and company whilst you wait between the tests and the results and to help you remember what has been discussed etc.


Thank you all so much for your lovely messages-it really does mean a lot. I just feel mentally drained at the moment; my husband actually put me to bed this morning after I had taken the kids to school.

I hope you are all having a good day!

Sue xx

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to wish you well for next week…I found that the not knowing and worrying was the worst bit and well meaning friends saying “it’ll be fine” isn’t helpful.
I go to Southend breast unit and have found it to be very good, all the staff there have been very kind and supportive…I was diagnosed march 2006, had mastectomy, chemo, rads and have now almost finished breast reconstruction, just the nipple tattoo to do.
I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and looking out for news.
Take care.

Hello Sue !

I am so glad I sat myself down on the computer tonight to find yourself and all these other fabulous women. I can empathise with how you must be feeling right now as I went through/am still going through the early stages of tests and worry and gin ! Everythings crossed for your results x The worry tends to come in waves, I catch myself shaking my head as if to rid myself of it in a daft kinda way. I hope you are managing to sleep okay. Ebay at 3am is a good distraction if not somewhat pricey.
I have had a lump in my right breast for over a year now which was looked at last July just before I got married. At the time I was told it was a fatty lump and so I tootled off much happier. Since then I noticed a considerable change in size thus another visit to my local bc. Now after 8 mamms, 2 cell biopsies and two doctors in disagreement I am scheduled for this lump out and a core biopsy on a lump I was’nt even aware that I had.
-Boy is this good therapy to be able to give your own story , I must admit I was feeling really sorry for myself before I found this site, my mum lives in Spain, my sis is touring Oz and hubby is in the pub ha ! I am a RAF wife with displaced close pals around the UK but none on my doorstep to just go grab a cuddle from.
You go get the right size fabulous dishy bra Sue as I am sure it will perk you up whatever the weather ! Us girls all need some loveliness now and again x

I will be looking out for your updates

Peeby x

Hi Everyone

Peeby, your comment about the bra really made me laugh - I have just gone and bought a La Perla set!!! Very extravagent but I don’t care at the moment. My husband is ex-military, so I do understand how you feel.

My husband has now buggered off to Libya (nice) so the kids and I are all just relaxing at home. My friends aren’t saying “you’ll be fine” anymore - I think they know I felt a bit patronised. Instead, we are all planning “the night before” on Tuesday (night before trip to Breast Unit). I have 12 friends coming for a sleepover! PJ’s, wine, food and gossip. Oh and the bit in Casino Royale where Daniel Craig comes out of the water - we shall be rewinding that a lot…

As a result of this sleepover, and because we tried to get onto the Moonwalk but couldn’t, we are going to organise a “Sleep the Sleep” event for ladies. You pay a fee (say, £20) and bring a bowl of food and some drink and camp in someone’s garden for the night. We already have 50 who are going to do it where I live - so hopefully we will raise in region of £1000 for breast cancer research. Watch this space…

I know I’m waffling so I apologise, but thinking about other things has really helped me over the past few days.

I’m still astonished at the immense courage shown by all you ladies - It really is a privilige to post with you on here.

Sue xxx

Hi Sue

Just caught up with this thread and wanted to wish you all the best for Wednesday. I remember the feeling well from last April, though being an ostrich I have to admit I assumed the best until the worst was suddenly dumped on me! I really hope you get good news and never have to come back here again (except to tell us). But if it isn’t good then the girls on here are just brilliant. Think I would have gone nuts without my friends on here.

Much love - and the sleepover sounds a great idea!


Hello Sue.

I am being treated for BC at Southend hospital.

I found my lump just before Christmas 2006 so just a year on and I am doing well.

All the staff at the nightingale centre are wonderful, I could not have got better treatment if I had gone private.

You are welcome to ask the moderator for my email address if you feel like a chat.

Good luck.

Hugs Val. XXXX.

Hi Everyone

Val, I’m so pleased to hear that you are doing well. I think Southend Hospital is great anyway; I’ve always thought the Wellesley a bit creepy and clinical, whereas Southend is for everyone!

I’m starting to feel really, really anxious now about Wednesday. I feel upbeat one minute, and then very depressed the next. My husband is now abroad but my friends are being great. They are trying to keep me busy - there’s a PTA meeting tomorrow night they’re trying to get me to go to. I’d rather walk naked down Southend High Street quite frankly.

My kids ( four of them: 16, 14, 10 and 7) know something is up too as I’m being quite snappy.

I have spoken to my sister which was very hard as we have a weird relationship. I was adopted at 6 weeks and my birth mother then went on to marry and have 4 more children. I met them 10 years ago and wish I hadn’t bothered, the amount of stress and grief it has caused me. My sister informed me that I have 4 aunts who all had breast cancer.


Hello Again Sue.

I know just what you are going through, but I promise you there is so much support at the Nightingale centre, they so put your mind at ease what ever the result.

My surgeon was Casper, he was so funny and so patient with me.

I am not going to tell you to be positive, because that is all I heard from family and friends, and each time someone said it to me I felt like saying “you have no idea what I am going through, I wonder if you would be feeling positive if you were in my situation” I know they meant well but it just got to me at times.

I will be thinking of you on Wednesday, please let us know how you got on as soon as you feel like loggin on.

Hugs Val. XXXX.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow Sue. XXXX.

Val you’re such an amazing woman - being so upbeat for someone else…an amazing quality. My friends have been round tonight, we had a real giggle. A very good friend bought a boob goody bag; she was allowed to because she nursed her mum through terminal breast cancer for 5 years.

I am now about to go to bed and feel emotionally drained. My friends have been great, my husband the poor bugger is working in Libya of all places and is trying to be great. It’s all too much for me. I think I’ll be a wreck in the clinic tomorrow.

Night night xx

Feel like a lamb to the slaughter today as I go to the clinic.

Thank you all so much for your support - your combined strength as women never ceases to amaze me.


Just to wish you good luck at the clinic today and remember all the cyber friends you will have right beside you.

Sending hugs