AMAZING product for cracked hands!

Ladies…have to tell you about a fab hand cream my daughter gave me to try on my hands. Its Palmers Olive Butter Formula with vitamin E cream for hands knees and elbows. At Boots only £2.25.
Cant believe how silky smooth it is. It makes my hands feel really soft, better than anything else I’ve tried and it smells beautiful!
Going to keep this in my handbag to use all day.
Give it a try!
Love bev xxx

Thanks Bev, I’m going to try it.

Thanks Bev I’m going to get myself some.
Kaye xx

Just to add to Bev’s post - a friend of mine gave me Palmer’s when my skin cracked from my primary FEC-T and it really did the job. I even used it on my face, which I thought it might be a bit heavy but I was surprised at how good it was.


Bev, I’ll be trying it too! Thanks for that. I find Vaseline works wonders, but it’s so thick and takes AGES to soak in. Sun has just come out here, so might walk along to Boots to get some. Thanks again. Barton.x

Not sure barton…only had the olive one. My daughter ordered it from boots online. Anyone else here tried the cocoa butter? xxx

I’ve just been to check and it was actually the cocoa butter that I used, both the cream and the skin therapy oil, which I used that on my recon scars. Both versions have Vitamin E.


The cream says it softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin; fragrance free; hypoallergenic; for sensitive skin. The oil says  ‘rapidermal absorption’. Formulted to help improve the appearance of: scars; stretch marks; dry, damaged skin; uneven skin tone; and aging skin.


I felt an immediate soothing with the sore, cracked skin on my hands and face.




Thats great Flo! Nice when we find something that agrees with us and works so well! xxxx

Thanks, Helen, Bev and Flo for that information. I think I’ll stick with the Neutrogena for the moment. I can’t spend too much on hand creams, etc. The Neutrogena is quite nice so far. Barton.x

Yes my hubby has a manual job and has been using the neutrogena one for years. Swears by it. But another tip…Lidl do their own version of it for about £1.99 and its exactly the same! Think he was paying £6 for neutrogena in asda! xxx