Amazing!!! I dont class myself as a very young woman these days so dont post here much but i thought it would be nice to post about this. It may give some of you hope.

I went with a friend of mine to visit her friend who had Bc 5 yrs ago.She had a lumpectomy and node clearance 5 nodes involved. She was Dx 4 days before her wedding day (how awful)
She had chemo and rads and tamoxifen.
After a lot of discussion with hubby she decided she would try for a baby, she had been told she maybe infertile. Well i enjoyed a day with her 17month old daughter and precious 4 month old baby.

She is now 44 and very healthy.
She has discussed with hubby whether he would be able to cope with two babies if she had a re-occurance of the cancer.

There is life after BC and two wonderful new little lives long may she remain well to be able to bring up these precious babes.

Hugs to all young BC girls

What a lovely outcome. At 27 years old, fetility is a huge deal to me. Friends of ours had a baby girl yesterday and although I was happy for them, I couldn’t help feel a pang of envy. So hearing stories of people who have been through the same and still had a family are really comforting, hopefully that’ll be me too in 5 years when I come off the Tamoxifen!
Thanks for sharing that Ruth,
Lisa x

Lovely Hi Ruth,

thanks for sharing that lovely story with us. I am 35 and we don’t have any children as yet so fertility issues are in the forefront of my mind constantly.

I am currently having chemo, then like your friend I am having rads and tamoxifen. How reassuring to know that all is most certainly not lost when it comes to us being able to have the babies we long for. I can only hope that we can all be as lucky as your friend,

Thanks again,


Ruth, thank you for posting such an inspiring story for all us young ones (although some days I feel about 100!). I was about to start IVF when diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year, age 30 and hope and pray every day that BC will not take away my chance to be a Mummy. If possible we will go back to trying to have children after my treatment and have also discussed my husband coping if I were to have a recurrance or worse… He would cope just fine with the support of our family and friends; I know he would.
I too feel, well I don’t really know what I feel, is it jealousy? Sadness? When others announce pregnancies I feel something and sometimes shed a tear or two but live in hope that one day it will be me announcing a pregnancy. Good luck to your friend Ruth and to the other girls who have replied to this post (oops can’t remember who it was, have memory of gnat!)
Carla x

Great news It is pretty amazing news !! I was glad to read it, I must admit (I was having IVF before I got diagnosed like Carla).

Inspiration! Hi Ruth

Thanks for your post, it brought a bit of a tear to my eye but what a lovely story and something to keep us all going :slight_smile: - I’m 27 and just through my treatment, fertility was a huge issue but periods returned after chemo finished and I started seeing a lovely guy a few weeks ago who I used to work with and who isn’t one bit fazed by my bc - so I guess the future is looking positive!

Sarah x

Thank you Just a note to say Thanks for passing your news on. I was diagnosed while wanting to start a family, now I have just 18 mths of Tamoxifen to go before we can start again.

Its lovely to hear positive news that you can go on to have a family after all the treatment, it makes a change from reading the negative news in the ladies magazines of women who may be infertile - ie Kylie, even though they probably don`t know all the facts on her diagnosis.

Thanks again,



I have posted on Pregnant and Scared but will post here too.

After mastectomy, chemo and rads which all finished in April I have found out that I am pregnant - 6 weeks. So just to let you all know that it is possible so dont give up hope. Luckily for me Im triple neg so not on any further treatment.

Good luck to all of you still undergoing treatment.

Ju x