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Sorry - me again, banging on about the fertility thing. I know there will be lots of people on here wondering why I am so worried about this when the most pressing thing is ensuring that I get better before I can even contemplate having a family, but having a family is important to me and is my motivation for my positive thinking and getting through all this bullsh*t. However, this has become more of an issue for me as I’m trying to work out whether I’ve been given the wrong advice or not…

So, I spoke to my gynaecologist before starting chemo about egg harvesting etc - told it wouldn’t be a good idea as ER+ etc. I asked if there were any tests that could be done post chemo to ascertain whether or not the chemo has left me infertile or not and was told I could have an ovarian scan and AMH test. After chemo I spoke to the clinic and explained that I was having menopausal symptoms (ie no periods, hot flushes) and asked whether the test could accurately ascertain whether the chemo had affected my fertility and whether it would kick in at a later date. I was told it would be. So I forked out and went and had the tests. I went back this morning for my results and was told that there were no visible follicles and that my AMH was low and that I was infertile. I then pushed him and asked whether you would expect this from a post-chemo patient (I’d read that chemo kills the follicles off, but that they can regrow) and he said he didn’t know. But he did say that it’s results you would expect from a menopausal woman. So I pointed out that I was “chemopausal” but that this is temporary for many young women. He didn’t seem to know about any of this - and kept saying that it was an early menopause and that people don’t come out of the menopause. So I feel more confused than I was to begin with. Is this test accurately telling me that I am infertile? In which case it makes no difference if I have ovaries out etc OR do these tests not really tell me anything apart from the situation I am in right at this very moment in time, with the possibility of fertility being possible in the future and it’s just a case of wait-and-see?!

Has anyone else been through this?

Thank you.

Hi Sandytoes

Our helpliners may be able to help with your query or you are welcome to use the Ask the Nurse email service

Helpline 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5, Sat 9-2

ATN-Search Results | Breast Cancer Now

You may also find some useful information in the BCC fertility issues and breast cancer treatment booklet which you can download here:

Take care

Thanks. I did try the helpline (didn’t know) and the publication (doesn’t cover this). Hoping someone might know a bit about IVF etc and be able to help me!!

Hi Sandytoes

I am sorry that you haven’t had any answers, hopefully someone will come along with a similar experience to yours

Take care

I don’t know the answer, Sandytoes but bumping for you.
Is there anyone out there at any centre of excellence who knows of help for women in Sandytoes’ situation?
I cannot believe you are the only one, Sandytoes.

Hi. Sorry you have had confusing advice. I wonder if bcc could let you know the names of the fertility experts they have on the younger women’s forums as they may be able to explain things to you.

Good luck.




hope you are fine!

i’m experiencing the same thing, i have my AMH test very low, and my blood work show me that i’m infertile, with a high level of fsh , lh, oestradiol …

i wonna ask you, if since your post, your periods get back, and if your amh test level grown up or not?


Wish you merry christmas!!!