An exact replica nipple - recommended!

I just wanted to say that for any of you who have had a reconsruction but not had your nipple reconstructed yet then why not ask to have silicone nipples made instead?
I have had some made (3 in total) and they are so realistic as they are made by making a cast of your remaining nipple and are coloured to an exact match so when you put it on (with vaseline or glue if you want to swim with it) no-one would be able to tell it was a fake!
I am so pleased I had mine done as I have now opted to have my good breast removed also and will be able to stick on my false nipples which will make my recon look so much more realistic and of course in warm weather I can remove them so I don’t have that permanent erection problem so many of us suffer with lol!
Also, once they have the cast they keep it indefinately so should you lose them or the dog chews them you can just ring them up and they make some more - all done on the NHS!
Clarabelle x

Hi Clarabelle

Thanks for posting that, I’m thrilled the result was good for you. Another lady here had PM’d me about this and I’ve asked at my hospital and they actually do this which is great (especially as I have to wait a year for recon to ‘settle’ before PS will reconstuct nipple). My BCN said she’d refer me.

Could you tell me how long it took to get a referral and how long overall (inc 1st meeting) it took to get these made (I’m really keen to be able to feel more ‘normal’ beore return to work in a few weeks).

Thanks again. Lots of love x

Hi there,
I had my appointment come through for about 1 week later, went and it took about 3/4 hour to do the cast and match the colours and I went the next week to collect them. In between the appoinments I had been topless so my nipple was a bit darker so she made me a further 3 a darker shade for when I have been sunbathing and posted them to me - how good is that!
Hope you are as pleased with yours when you get them!
Clarabelle x

Do they just do the one nipple? Sometimes I put on a top and it looks strange the real nipple is erect and nothing on the recconstructed breast…but then what happens if you stick the silicon nipple on and warm up so the real one disappears… don’t you end up looking just as strange?

I was thinking having 2 “falsies” would solve the problem but would it stay on the real breast if the nipple became erect of its own accord…i can imagine the silicon one popping off!

Also what happens with the nipple reconstruction, do you end up with one permanent erection?

I have plenty of time to decide what I want but would love some feedback to help me decide how to proceed?


Hi Mandy,
They made me three - one to wear and two spare.
If it is warm I don’t wear it because its only needed on cold days but then you know that already - the things we have to think about!
I have worn two but you will need to wear a nipple cover over your good one to keep it under control lol!!
Put simply, yes a reconstructed nipple is always erect but then they are really only made for the visual when undressed rather than to give you projection.
Clarabelle x

Check out the comparison pictures on the internet between the silicone ones and the nhs plasticy ones!! I think they are amazing!!! ( Type in John Buckle in Google, he makes them in his studio in Ascot, Berks!)


Wow! Checked out those silicon ones Donna referred to and am amazed at how real they look…and having to re-stick them once every couple of months is hardly a hardship.

Why go thru surgery?


My point exactly! - But you don’t need to pay for them as your hospital will have their own maxillofacial department or if not, they will be able to refer you to one that does.
They do look much better ( mine are even better than the ones in the pictures) and at least you have a choice of whether to wear them or not so in warm weather you dont look lopsided.
Also, I have heard that some recon nipples go flat with time.
Clarabelle x

Hiya,Im waiting for my nipple recon and have already had my silicone ones made and they look amazing…but my glue is copydex im sure and she told me to put it on the replica until it goes clear,but after a while it falls off and i was so excited !!! Any ideas? Debs

What I meant was the glue does not keep the false nipple on,what glue can i use as they look soooo good,Debs

Hi Debs,
if you are waiting until it is clear I am presuming it is completely dry? therefore it will not stick - you need to catch it just before it dries when its still a bit ‘sticky’ to touch. It could also be that you are putting too much glue on as you only need a tiny amount.
If all else fails apply a little glue to yourself and the nipple and when they are both nearly dry stick them to each other.
Let me know how you get on.
Clarabelle x

Hi and thanx for your help…did what you said but my glue is hopeless what type is yours?When I now ill try again with the same glue as youuse, tc deb

Hi everyone interested in reading this thread,I hav my wonderful handmade silicone nipples- but the glue doesnt work for more than an hour or 2.I also took the advise and google JOHN BUCKLE who makes this nipples and sell them,exactly the same as mine but he says they stay on for 3/4 months.My lady who made mine said i would have to remove them after a day,in any case they fall off.Has anyone got this special glue that keeps them on for 3 months as if so Im going to forget a recon nipple as the silicone are perfact and match the origenal…my bugbare is my glue,and im using it correctly .Please help or maybe I should email Mr Jihn Buckle lol.Thanks Deb

Hi Deb,
my glue pot has nothing on it so I don’t know what make it is but then I have never tried to see how long they will stay on so it may be useless too!! I have emailed John to ask for his advice lol!
Will let you know when he replies
Clarabelle x

Well here you are ladies - the solution to the problem!

John Buckles reply in part…

Hello Clarabelle

I’m afraid the adhesive is not available from B&Q or WH Smiths.
It’s produced and supplied by Principality Medical, Newport, South Wales. 0113 2938180 They also do special effects for the film world so don’t be alarmed by their website!

They do a range of adhesives, the adhesive I recommend is G602, a cream adhesive. They will supply single pots, which are 50ml, and each should last 18mths.I believe they are £8 each.
Please mention me if you contact them.

I have just seen a lady this morning and she had to peel off her nipple which we had stuck on 3 weeks earlier.
I estimate it would have stayed on another month at least by the amount of adhesion remaining.

Very best wishes
John Buckle

Thanks for this Clarabelle. Hadn’t decided I wanted to bother with a nipple and didn’t know that I wanted the surgery until just last week when I went to Iceland and found that to go swimming or anything there you have to have a communal full nudity soap shower before entering the pool. Having small children and their mums stare at me I felt like a freak and resolved to speak to my surgeon re a nipple. Knowing that there might be a good stick on alternative (ie one that lasts a couple of weeks) is something I am definitely interested in!

Off to check out how they look now!

i have a nipple well i have about 5 LOL
made by my hospitals maxillofacial guy, he made a exact replica
of my remaining nipple.
They really are a perfect match inc the color.
i use Principality Medical glue he gave me, but mines G601,
the G602 sounds great as i agree that the glue can be a pain.

i decided against having my diep boob finished off with a reconstructed nipple after reading about the amount that go flat.

I’m happy with my silicone nipples and only my husband and the Dr’s at the hospital ever see me topless anyway!

Hi ostrich,

the thing is, if you have these made and don’t like them you can always go on to have one reconstructed later anyway so you get the best of both worlds!

Homer, I believe that we may all have been supplied G601 on the NHS so I have emailed Principality Medical to see if I can get them to supply hospitals with the stronger G602 glue as an alternative so we dont have to pay for it - I may be sending a petition around in the next few weeks lol! will let you know how I get on!

Clarabelle x

Have had a look and they look great. Have appt to see PS next month so will ask about this then! :slight_smile:

Hi Ostrich,

These nipples are the same as the one I had made.They look so real.
I was told to squeeze the nipple (hollow) and use suction to keep it on,but glue seems a better option!
The guy who did mine at St Johns Livingston took ages mixing the colours and adding wee red dots etc to make it so realistic.

****goes off to get some nipple glue*****