An extra live chat today 2-3 pm

Dear All

Everyone’s experience of living with SBC is individual to them.  No two people are the same, but many find that they share different aspects of their diagnosis, treatment, coping strategies etc with others.  The purpose of today’s live chat is to provide a confidential space where anyone who wishes can share what it is like for them without judgment or expectations from anyone else.  This will be a space to share what is important to you, how you experience people or events perhaps differently then before your diagnoses.

We do have a regular live chat every Tuesday evening 8.30-9.30 which is not always possible for everyone to attend so this is intended as an extra opportunity for people with SBC to engage with each other in addition to the regular Tuesday night spot.

Live Chat Link please note that you will need to be registered on both this forum and also for live chat as well as they are run by different software systems.  Your username and password can be the same for both.

Best wishes