An interesting guardian article about herceptin

A great article!


A moment that changed me: the chance to use new life-saving cancer drugs


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Amazing read! Thanks for sharing… i think i may buy some Emma’s books also now for the kids…

I had blurred vision after taking 6 chemotherapies of Hezeptin and Docetaxel and since 2 months now I have been battling to regain my sight. My Doctor has changed my prescription to Lapatinib and Capecitabine and am the second treatment at the moment. Presently I am having acute headaches and migraines. Please I need help and advice from people who might have been through this experience. I was diagnosed breast cancer stage 3 in April 2015. I am 45 yrs. Thanks for your response.

lfeomol I’m sorry to hear u are going through this. If u put ur question onto the Chemotherapy monthly thread there may be someone able to help u.