Anaemia/deficiencies and breast cancer?? Having a small wobbly :-/

Hi everyone, thank you all for your support on my first post :slight_smile:
Just wondering if anyone has heard of any link between anaemia (iron), vitamin D and B12 deficiencies? I was diagnosed with all 3 about 3months ago. My husband is freaking me out wondering if it’s all linked. I know he’s just trying, in his own rational way, to make sense of things.
I have also noticed that my left breast seems to be growing! So much so that my bra is too tight on that side and making the lump area (upper side) very tender. It’s also lower, I guess that makes sense if it is swollen?
The sooner I get this referral through the better!
Any advice appreciated
Roisin xx

Hi Roisdara,

I think your husband’s imagination is working overtime!

No-one knows what causes BC. It is fairly random other than in certain broad areas. There is a page on this site that sets it all out. but briefly it boils down to gender, age and sometimes family history. There are some risk factors, which I have copied out here.

Other breast cancer risk factors

There are other known factors, some of which are listed below, that might slightly increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Factors increasing risk include:

  • periods starting before the age of 12
  • menopause after the age of 50
  • not having children
  • first pregnancy at the age of 30 or over
  • taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – depending on what type you take and how long you take it (the risk reduces over time once you stop)
  • taking the oral contraceptive pill for a number of years (the risk reduces over time once you stop)
  • being overweight, especially after the menopause
  • drinking more alcohol than the recommended daily amount (two units for women, three for men)
  • a few types of benign (non-cancerous) breast problems
  • exposure to high levels of radiation.

Hope this helps xxx

Hi I’m a staff nurse in medicine looked after loads of people with anaemia and b12 defiencies no link has ever been mentioned or noted with any patients I’m aware of. Many women have iron deficlient anaemia at some point in their lives , in can be easily corrected nice they find out why x

Thanks guys I know, I think hubbie is overly worried lol!
Lols, due to see a General Medical Practitioner on 16 August to find out why…but actually feel much better than I have in months so supplements have definitely worked. Just putting it out there :slight_smile:
Thanks xx