Anastrozole, calceos and joint pain

I’ve been on anastrozole for 5 months now and am mostly happy with the lack of side effects. Because I have thinning bones, my GP has also prescribed calceos - a strong calcium and vit D supplement. I’m 65, and despite possible risk of osteoporosis, he preferred me to be on anastrozole rather than tamoxifen and said we’ll monitor the bones with dexa scans.

However, I DO now have joint pain in my hip and knee and wonder if it’s arthritis. It’s not debilitating but I, and my husband, enjoy walking miles, even having walking holidays so I feel a bit worried about this. If it gets worse, it will spoil my/our fun.

I understand there are some vitamins/herbs some of us shouldn’t take - like evening primrose oil and black cohosh (oestrogen type supplements) and also, because calceos already has vitamin D, I shouldn’t take more of that which is in Cod Live Oil. However, have any of you with similar problems been taking glucosamine and chondroitin and found it helpful? Or anything else that’s eased aching joints?


Bumping this up for Cherry

Hi Cherry,

I am on Tamoxifen and in the very small minority who get significant joint pain with it. I was told by my team to take the following supplemnts which are safe:

Cod liver oil with 100% RDA vitamin D (obviously not stuiable for you as already having Vit D) but you could check bottles/packs as not all have added vitmain D or conisder veggie Omega 3 instead

Glucosamine (I take the veggie stuff as I am shellfish intolerant) with or withoout Chondroitin

Starflower Oil (Boots or Holland & Barrett) one capsule a day.

If you look at this thread on Tamoxifen and Joint Pain, you might find some helpful tips… Search Results | Breast Cancer Now

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Thanks RevCat, a very helpful reply, and I will look at that thread too, love Cherry

Hi, it really depends on which type of arthritis you have. I have rheumatoid and use Omega 3 fish oil (not cod liver) I think chondroitin and glucosamine are more commonly used for Osteoarthritis. Hope you manage to continue with your waling. I used to walk everywhere, but have had to give it up.
Take care
Poemsgalore xx

Hi Poemsgalore, many thanks for your post. Apart from a slight typo where you inadvertently tapped in waling (which I first read as wailing!) and had a big giggle, the rest of what you said, and reading your profile, has made me feel humbled and lucky.

I’m sure in the end, you will feel tons better and maybe enjoy some gentle walks once more, but for now (have you finished chemo yet?) it’s a bit of an uphill slog. My grumbling about the occasional twinge on anastrozole needs rephrasing to how fortunate I am to feel only mildly inconvenienced that some days my hip protests slightly at strenuous exercise or long walks. And I trust even that will improve as I look after all the other parts of my life - which definitely DID need looking at.

From a practical point of view, I have now started taking glucosomine and chondroitin - though someone told me it’s brilliant for horses but unproven on humans! If I’m going down any road at all, it’s osteoarthritis, not rheumatoid which I think makes you feel poorly too?

Today is a lovely sunny day, although a bit chilly. Makes me feel pretty good and hope you’re feeling good enough today, too. Thanks again for your post,
love Cherry

I forgot to add that my treatment was a mastectomy, followed by radiotherapy and now, anastrozole. No chemo - my cancer was Grade 1, though they did find a micromet in one lymph node which was why I had RT. I think chemo is the toughie - though I have seen time and time again, total recovery, in fact often with general improvement eventually with it all behind them. X

Hi CherryH, I have osteoarthritis had both knees replaced , one last year and the other the year before. Like you I had primary tumour and now on anastrozole and also having RT. The surgery Consultant said that my joint pains would get worse . I take cod oil everyday and have taken glucosamine in the past and will do so again as I think it helps. What I have noticed is having citrus fruits can make it worse so I tend not to have very much orange juice or tomatoes although I love them. Been taking Anastrozole for about eight weeks now and don’ t feel any worse at the moment. Just glad I had knees done when I did because if it makes your bones weaker then operation might not been possible. I also have a small amount of anti inflammatory drug prescribed which I think is keeping the pain levels down. Might be worth asking your GP about this ?. Katykookabura.