The radiographer has arranged for me to see a doctor on Monday about my SE’s on Anastrozole. Mind you, people on here have had SE’s on other hormone treatment - so maybe its just something I have got to live with. Dont feel confident enough to come off them altogether, as dr has said they will significantly reduce possiblity of recurrence.

Thanks for posting on here - its good to know Im not imagining it!


I think it does eventually get a bit better. I’m 49 and have been on anastrozole and zolodex for almost 3 years now and although I still get lots of big flushes, a lot more of them are small ones which pass quite easily. My main complaint is complete loss of my mojo which is driving me mad. My partner is very understanding about it but it has affected our relationship massively. I’m hoping that it will return in 2 years when the treatment finishes!

Mojo…I lost mine when I was diagnosed in May last yearI feel so sorry for my husband he’s very understanding which leaves me even more frustrated and guilt ridden…it’s so unfair! Breast Cancer robs you of everything!

Oh yes there are days when you begin to think if this is what its going to be for the next five years sod that for a game of soldiers!
But there are those days lately when life just is so b…dy brilliant and you feel so good that life is sooooo worth living.

But they are rare …very rare -

Sorry about that whingy outburst - feel better now!
Anyway taking Anastrozole in the day ( about 2.p.m) has def. made a big difference - sweats are less prolonged and noticable. Although still have to wrench off the sweater then put it on again abit later cos I’m freezing - but managable.

Sleep has so greatly improved - still get warm - windows still open but not horrible sweating. Sleep bliss . Entering week three of this ‘trial’.

However - there is always a downside isnt there. Husband says I’m very touchy - bless him he’s only just noticed !! working on that one…


Does anyone have their own fuelled motor somedays! Sometimes I’m burping brp…brp… other days when in the loo especially in the morning it’s like a dawn chorus (not too long) I suppose these tablets will show their worth when I get checked up in May. Glad I’m not the only one! However, my husband doesn’t seem to notice the change in me, maybe because men seem to take it as a thing men do openly??
You have to laugh…


Been on it for 3 weeks. Feeling a bit down but do not know if it is due to drug or having more free time to brood after rads has finished

Maggy 1 I am 62 and have been on anastrozole for 2 weeks and am really tired and feeling down and thats before radiotherapy starts in 10 days time. I don’t know if this is a side effect and if it’s going to get worse. 5 years is an awful long time feeling so awful! But have to have it as my bc is so positive for oestrogen and have already had hysterectomy and tubes removed. Just feel really low today and need to have a moan. Here feels like a good place!!!Also feel that everything is drying up so am plastering face with cream and eyes with eye drops etc etc!! Oh dear!!

I could hardly move yesterday the ribs on my right side were unbelievably sore. As if I had fallen and broke them. I went to the doctors and they gave me Diclofenac and Lansoprozole for the pain and the latter for the ulcer I don’want to get from taking the other. I needed cream for sore lady parts…and my hormone treatment. I came out with a sackful of medication. I went from there to the Hospital to see my surgeon who says he wants me to have Densitrommotry Scans, bone scans and chest x-rays. He’s not happy that I’m experiencing such pain. I had a sleepless night last night worrying if the cancer has spread and the night before with pain! I am not sure if the rib pain is due to Anastrozole… I started that nearly 3 weeks ago or the Radiotherapy, I’m hoping its nothing sinister! I don’t know whats worse sleepless nights due to Hot Flushes or the worrying!Waiting for all the appointments to follow doesn’t help either. At least the suns shining today!
Aramis x