ANC - cancer recurs in same breast, where does it go first?

Just a thought, and I haven’t asked onc or surgeon yet, but if all the nodes have been removed, where does the cancer go if it recurred in same breast? Straight to bloodstream or lymphatic system with no stopping it?

Any ideas??

I’m having rads to my breast and an area around the collar bone with the radiotherapist called the super clavicle area. I asked my BCN why this area and she said if you are going to get a local reoccurance this is one of the first areas it goes to especially if you have had node involvement. Hope this helps.

thats a really interesting question!
I have had mastectomy and ANC in 1997 and recurrence in the same breast but a different area of it, in 2009. Never thought to ask that question either, but will be seeing onc next week for check up so will ask.
Come to think of it, it would have had to spread via the blood stream or have been there dormant all along I guess cos they found a lymph gland in the breast and that was OK (my lymph nodes were fine in 1997)and it had gone from the upper area of breast to the lower area and into the muscle area - the space in between is not breast tissue its abdominal from a tram flap (1998, so not recent).
Intrigued now…
monica x

would tend to agree with cat… when they remove your auxillary nodes the infraclavicular (around the collar bone)and superclavicular (above the collar bone going up the neck) ones remain.

however the whole point of them doing the ANC is to help prevent it going anywhere else… if you have 3 affected nodes and 10 which arent affected then the hope is it hasnt spread beyond the auxialla.

but even with no nodes affected if LVI is present there is still a risk that it could spread beyond the breast.

where cancer actually travels to isnt very clear as people who have post menopausal, highly hormone positive tumours are more likely to spread to the bones first… this is the most common type of BC and bone mets are the most most common mets, followed by lung mets, then liver then brain… however about 2/3 of people who eventually die from breast cancer have lung and/or liver mets.

you can get mets anywhere really some other plces it can spread to on rare occassions is the ovaries or the eyes.

hope that isnt too scary for anybody to read.


So I suppose it just goes to the next set of available nodes, ie the supraclavicular.

I think probably if I were to have mets, then bone seems to be the better option!