And another one bites the dust...Kadcycla.

This doesnt effect me directly but just to note that NICE has decided not to approve the use of Kadcycla blaming the cost and saying they are disappointed in the drug company for not reducing the cost …this is despite evidence that it prolongs life by a median of 6 months (so a lot more in some patients) in those with advanced HER2 positive breast cancer. Not sure if the drugs fund in England will continue to fund initiation of this…but you can be absolutely certain it wont be available in Wales!..Lets hope this is a political decision aimed at putting pressure on the drug company rather than an immovable final decision. Will await with interest BCCs posting and comments. Pamx

Hi,pam,it’s absolutely shocking,they were saying on BBC news that the last SBC drug approved was 2007 and all the others since have not been approved by NICE because of cost. And there has been a LOT!! The lady on BBC said we are not old women at the end of natural life that gets this we are young women with families she had four young kids and deserve a chance of a life giving drug. Not that age has anything to do with it but I get her point. Being in my 40s myself. funny how the NHS gives out boob jobs,gastric bands to people who can’t get of their arses to move and stuff their faces with junk food,drug addicts and alcoholics that have no intention of stopping. They find the money for that!
Sorry I’m on soap box again ( don’t mean to offend anyone) xxxx

Helen so right to be on your soap box, it makes me sooo angry how would they feel if it was their daughter, mother or sister needing it!!! I have a friend who has been on it for 4yrs now!!! She had primary when she was only 27 and now has secondaries in her liver she is now 38 with teenage children.
As you have said age should have anything to do with it, im 46yr and would like to think that if i needed treatment that was so expensive i would get it, but i think they like to keep the money to fund as you say gastric bands, boob jobs etc but worst of all junkies!!! Anyway im going to leave my rant at that before i get too carried away!!
Love Janette x x x

Dear All

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject here; it’s always really helpful for us to hear and understand your opinions. Breast Cancer Care has been very active today since early morning responding to media questions about NICE not passing Kadcyla for general use. Our very own Dr Emma Pennery was interviewed at 5 am this morning on Radio 5 Live and also on Vanessa Feltz BBC London Radio. We have had our written response published across national and regional papers and online, two examples of which are below.

The Independent -

Daily Mail –

We also have a blog about this which went live this morning and can be found following this link

We have also issued a general statement which can be read here

Please do keep sharing your thoughts here, it is really good to read them all and it is great to know that you all feel you have a safe space to share how you feel.

Best wishes


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Hi, no help to all not living in England but I did hear the Cancer Fund will be able to be approached for funding for this drug in England.

Oops meant to put SHOULDNT!!! with regards to age x

Hi All. I too am angry and upset that NICE have not approved the use of Kadcyla. I agree that it seems nonsensical to make such developments in research and then deny those that could benefit access. I will be writing to my MP to ask him to table a question at PMQs when parliament reconvenes I will also write to Secretary of State for Health regarding government policy on cancer drugs fund post march 2016 and how they intend to negotiate with the pharmaceutical company over price… With an election looming its the time politicians will be most receptive to public opinion. Ladies with SBC deserve their support and access to the best available treatment regardless of postcode. Best wishes to you all. Steph xxx