And I was so looking forward to........

my last chemo today. After all the bother about the taxotere not suiting me and going back to fec, my regime had to be reduced by one dose - so today’s Fec was the last…yippeeee

So off I went for my 10 am appt, planning to go and do some retail therapy afterwards in the lovely sunshine, having kissed goodbye to chemo for ever hopefully…

All was going well, until after they did the epi part of the fec and started on the 5-fluro - when my wrist started to ache. I told the chemo nurse that it was aching slightly, but not actually hurting. She figured it might be cos I was cold- so got a heat pack for my arm. Which didn’t help at all…after another 5 mins she asked if it was still aching, so I said yes, it was but it hadn’t got any worse. She checked under the heat pack where the cannula went in - and discovered a small red patch developing. So…the infusion had to stop, cannula was taken out and an ice pack put on. After 15 mins the small red patch, which she had drawn round in biro to check it’s size, was now 5 inches by 2 inches!!

Out came the extravasion kit - area painted all over with dimethyl sulfoxide, coated in hydrocortisone cream and another ice pack slapped on. Meanwhile I’m sitting wondering what’s happening to the rest of my chemo…at which point I was advised that it had to be finished…and would have to go in my ‘bad’ arm (despite everything they have always told me!)

So, several hours later, it was done in my bad arm…I got home at 3 pm, having had nothing to eat since 8 am, (just in time for youngest coming home from school!) and I’m now sitting with the area painted again, more hydrocortisone cream and an ice pack on my arm - and I have to keep doing this every 2 hours for the next 24 hours!

Apparently, according to BN if it is the epi that leaked it is more worrying (and me being me, I’ve already looked up extravasion on the internet and worked out which drugs do what lol) - so I just have to hope that it doesn’t flare up in the next 24 hours.

This isn’t how my last one was meant to be…

So sorry to hear that your last chemo did not run smoothly. Hope there is no knock-on effects and you are soon on the mend.

Big hugs to make it better (((((((((((HUG)))))))))))


What a sod.
BUT it’s over. Wave the good arm in the air.
Good luck

gordon bennett !!!

oh magz175 - I am sooo sorry for you - I can;t believe it

it was all going so well on the first FEC’s and since you made the change to TAX it’s been one thing after another!

that’s the second thing they’ve done in your bad arm - what a nightmare!

I hadn’t realised it was a case of “I’ve started so I’ll finish” …

well - at least it’s ALL OVER - hoooraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! can’t wait myself

well done

I’ve got everything crossed that the next 24 hours go well for you

love FizBix xxxx

Dear Mags

U really have suffered over the past 6 weeks and as you say this is your last chemo for ever so i think they thought they will give u something to remember them bye bye! Horray its all over but it just a shame the last few experiences haven’t been as smooth as expected.

At least its done and dusted.

take care and put your feet up u deserve it.


Blimey. Hope it doesn’t get any worse you poor thing. Congratulations on finishing though. Another hurdle behind you :slight_smile:


all I can say is I am so sorry that this has been to tough
you were so looking forward to it all being over
and then this



Dear Girl

You have been so brave. At least it is over! Just relax the way that suits you and believe it is over. Feel for you deeply.



Oh Mags, keeping everything crossed that it wont flare up now…and then CELEBRATE, at last the end of the dreaded chemo!

Louise x

Hi all

Thanks for all your lovely replies.

Everything seems to be ok at the moment - but I’m still keeping an eye on it - after tomorrow I still have to smother it with everything, but 6 hourly not 2 hourly - for the next 14 days !!

After the tax did the same thing, and that took 5 days for the ‘burn’ to flare up, I know that it could re-emerge at any time over the next few days (and having read that when extravasion occurs with epirucibin it can in extreme cases cause necrosis and rotting of the flesh !1 - silly girl tut) - it will be some time before I stop worrying about it

I have an appt with Onc next wednesday to discuss the start of my herceptin, and the muga scan - I have spent all night thinking oh my god - what if it comes in 3’s - first the problems with the tax, now this - next it’ll be that my heart isn’t strong enough for herceptin! - When I raised these fears with OH his response was don’t be stupid - you’re past 3 already - you got BC, you’ve had 1 x 4 chemo, you’ve had rads, you’ve had more chemo, you’ve had taxotere probs, you’ve has this hite today - how much bloody more d’ya want ???

Puts it in perspective really I suppose…

Onwards and upwards I say…I think lol

Once again, thanks for your support

Magz xx

Dearest Magz - Just got up “down under”, and reading about your latest saga. My goodness woman, what are you like! Seriously though, what a horrid day and rotten thing to have happened. I would have thought the least they could have done was give you some lunch while you were there!! I do hope that your arm settles down again soon. Surely, surely the rest of your treatment will go more smoothly. You deserve a medal for all that you have been through this past few months, it’s hard enough when it is straight forward but you have had one thing after another. You know you have lots of friends here and we are all thinking about you! Love Sarah xx

Thanks Sarah

My arm seems to be calming down now - BN rang me this morning to check it was ok - said i still need to check for blistering over the rest of this week. Thinks I must just have ‘stringy’ veins which allowed the chemo to leak through them??? Gawd knows what they’ll be like after 17 Herceptins!!

Just been today for Neulasta injection - worked wonders last time so hope it does again. Steroids and all kicking in tonight hence I fell asleep in a chair at midnight - and am now wide awake at 4.04 am!!! (and will be no doubt be knackered all day tomorrow !!

Love Magz x

hi magz175 - really glad to hear that your arm is ok …

… stringy veins ??? sounds a bit like the old BR “leaves on the track” to me …

perhaps veins are like snow … apparently there are over 300 different types of snow …

I’m sorry but I fail to see how your veins could have LEAKED … you’d have all your blood rolling round your body all the time willy nilly … I may be wrong in which case I apologise in advance …but I know we are confused occasionally (well quite often) but we are NOT SIMPLE!!!

anyway - you are fine now which is the main thing - and they now know they’ve got to be extra careful - which is the next main thing …

hope you had a good day and feel a lot better soon …
lots of love FizBixxxxxx

I know just what you mean Fiz - I said the same thing about my blood leaking everywhere and didn’t get a very satisfactory answer lol !

Really sorry to read your news Magz, you haven’t had much luck at all recently. The good news is its all over, and you just have to keep an eye on your hand for a while…and pray! I hope all goes well with your herceptin at least.

Take care, relax
Sue xx