And on a brighter note...

OK Ladies, so we’re all going through a rubbish time (change to suit own feelings and mood as I didn’t want to swear but think ‘rubbish’ doesn’t quite cover it) but lets take a moment to think about what positive things we can look forward to.

I realise that some of these will be very minor insignificant things so lets do this a little tongue in cheek but at least it should give us something happy to think about or at least a giggle!



  • Money saved on haircuts and hair products
  • time saved from washing/styling hair
  • Money and time saved in waxing etc


  • DH writing on each post chemo tablet box exactly what time and what day I need to take each tablet - I get confused!
  • The support and love from those around us that I never quite realised was there
  • Understanding how much the words ‘thinking of you’ or ‘get well soon’ actually help


  • Paid sick leave…although with everything going on in my head it doesn’t feel like I get much rest time still

Please copy and paste the headers etc and add to them - lets be positive!


friends i have met on here, that i would have otherwise never had the pleasure of knowing.

  1. Realising i have quite a nice shaped head and endless experiments with head ware.
  2. Being able to get away with murder because " ive got cannnnccceerrr"
  3. Knowing who your true friends are

S x

Hot flushes that are intense enough to even warm my normally permanently cold feet.

Realising what amazingly strong women we really are.

Meeting some of the best friends a girl could have

A free boob job (you gotta laugh, haven’t you!!)

Faye, what a lovely idea for a thread, thank you

Shenagh xx

Not only a free boob job but also a tummy tuck!!!
An excuse at 51 to buy false eyelashes even if I can’t get them to stick!!

Love this thread,
Jane xx

Eating what you want cos there’s more to worry about than fitting in jeans! x

Realising who your friends are and what is important

Lots of episodes of Jeremy Kyle!!!??

Oh I like the getting away with murder one - I’m often heard saying to my friends ‘hmmm, shall I use the pregnancy or cancer to get that last piece of cake’ (etc) - and if all else fails use both. LOL got to make the most of what you’ve got right!

Jeremy Kyle…oh dear! (I’m a Murder She Wrote fan myself!) LOL

Keep them coming ladies - you’re making me laugh :slight_smile:

i finished my treatment 3 weeks ago - masectomy, recon, chemo, radio blah blah blah, but have to wait 4 years for the all clear, so have the use of the phrase “i cant do that, im ill you know!” until Oct 2013. Cant be bad.

  1. Food parcels from mum and dad and not having to pay for them!!

  2. Getting friends and family to do cleaning as “I’m not feeling well today!”

  3. Ditto ironing

Julia xx

Being able to go to a 1970’s themed fancy dress New Years Eve party as Kojak without any trouble! ha ha ha

Taking my hat off when people stare and saying ‘yup, I’m bald - cancer you know…’ feel rebellious at 51 - delicious!
my lovely nieces (aged 5 and 6) running their hands over my shiny head
my kids and OH caring for me and showing such love,

Faye, fantastic thread - nice one!

Hubby doing the ironing for the first time in 34yrs…yes! a result!
(due to arm problems )


( Can’t believe you are 51 Daisyleaf! Looking very good!! xx)

Thanks Trumpet! (I was only 50 when the photo was taken…)

free boob job yes :slight_smile:

Freedom…to re assess and take stock

BC is poo no doubt about it …but boy i have had some fun too and met some amazing women…on here and in the world around me

no periods

booze bill is less as it now doesn’t take much to get me tiddly


Going out with friends and their toddlers and them looking after Mia whilst I rest - perfect for bad chemo days when I can’t look after her on my own (((friends))))

My 6 year old niece asking her Mum if my illness is like the Plague and will it make her hair fall out too LOL bless her!

Seeing the mischievous twinkle in her eyes when she takes her hat off in front of annoying strangers. (Just like Daisyleaf.)

Being able to spend the whole day with her when it’s her chemo day, without feeling guilty about work.

Being reminded why I love her so much.

I am absolutely wetting myself - fab thread, now what can I add? Hmmmm

  1. Buying copious amounts of rubbish on price-drop tv and then pretending I can’t remember ordering it!

  2. Lorazepam!!! Love it!

  3. High cut bikinis!

  4. Pretending I’m that lady from the nivea advert with her smooth arm pits!

  5. Not giving a second thought to fo doing something extravagant.

  6. When I do something wrong at work stating “That’s right, have a go at the bald girl!”

and last but not least being in bed with jeremy every
morning in my minting dressing gown and realising that there are many, many other people out there who are so much worse off!

Thanks ladies - you are all fab!

Fantastic thread. Like lots of others, I have used the excuse of not feeling well when I don’t want to do something. Never thought about keeping it going until 2014 for me. Don’t know if OH will let me get away with it though. Still, I’ll give it a try.

LOL to all