And the wait goes on and on and on .....

Hi guys,

Well it will be three weeks tomorrow since I had my biopsy done, and still no results.

I finally got through to the hospital this morning (although it was only the appointments desk!) and was told to ring next week as they have nothing showing for me in the appointment system!

I tried to tell them I was waiting for the biopsy results from the 18th March - and again she just told me to call back next week.

Here in Spain Easter is a huge event and all this week there are parades etc etc so most people are working limited hours if at all … and Im sure hospital is just the same. I really wanted to get an appointment date if nothing else before the main Easter long weekend otherwise I can see me having to wait another week which will take the time to one month!

Im angry, annoyed and still worried, although realistically you must all agree that given I have had no news it must be a good result ??? surely they wouldnt keep anyone waiting this long if they had found something in the biopsy ?

Is there anyone else out there who has had to wait such a long time for biopsy results ? and then still get bad news ??

I have no idea what to do next, the language issue does cause me problems, and I could get a Spanish colleague to make some calls for me - but it feels the wrong this to do to involve someone I hardly know to chase such a personal thing up on my behlaf.

I think I have to be content at the moment with having the ability to rant and rave on here … sorry! and still work on my “no news is good news theory”.

Sue xxxx

Hi Sue, I really feel for you, 3 weeks is like a living hell! Do you know the name of your consultant/surgeon? Whoever you were under for the biopsies, ring the hospital and ask for that doctor’s secretary. It’s not good enough having to ring back in a week, no way. Ok, you may get thru and they say results aren’t back, but at least you’ll have made contact, and you’ll know who to contact again. I work in nhs in London and my appt for results was made within a week. Ok I got bad news in that week, but at least I knew and treatment could get going. Please do ring the hospital as there will be somone who can give you the info you need, if necessary ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. It will put your mind at rest somewhat. Good luck and let me know how it goes. love Pat x

Thanks Cass - unfortunately I dont know his name, I did ask to be put through to the breast clinic when I rang this morning but they wouldnt and just said I had to wait. If I could speak the language fluently I would have just stood my ground and told them in no uncertain terms that I needed to speak to someone. My own bloody fault for being here 5 years and not practising enough eh !!!

There is a lovely Spanish lady I work with who I am going to speak to this afternoon and ask her assistance - its not ideal but its the only thing I can think of at the moment - I dont get much time off work and because its Easter I have 5 days holidays from tomorrow which should be lovely! - but with this uncertainty still in my mind it spoils every day at some point…and Im annoyed that it will probably spoil what should be a nice break …

Sue xx

You have waited long enough - dont wait any more, I am sure your colleague will be happy to help you. You can’t be 100 percent sure no news is good news…I dont want to scare you but its true. It could actually be indeterminate requiring further investigation and no one is around to pick up the news, you have to do something here if there is anyway to do it.


Hi Sue,
I can sympathise with you. I was sent for a biopsy on 20th January, when I got there did an ecogram and couldn’t find any trace of the cancer that showed on the mamograph! The doctor spoke a little English and told me to return on 23rd and he would do another mamograph and do the biopsy via that, this duely happened and I was given an appointment for 9th Feb. At this meeting with yet another doctor I was informed that I had breast cancer and that they would perform surgery in 2 to 3 weeks to remove the cancer and surrounding tissue, plus removing the sentinal lymph nodes. I had not heard anything by the time 3 weeks was up so I went along to the hospital and asked to see the doctor that had given me the time limit. I ws told that she was not there but that someone would contact me the next day. Needless to say no-one contacted me. I returned to the hospital (a round trip of 60Km) and was taken to see the secretary in the ginecology department, she took copies of what the original doctor had given me and said that I would be hearing from them. I still wasn’t satisfied so I went to see my local doctor (who speaks English) and she telephoned the hospital and found that I had an appointment on 17 March to see the aneathetist. After another few days the hospital telephoned me and asked me to attend the admissions department where I was given papers for appointments on 16th and 17th March (2 appointments for each day) and also the secretary gave me an appointment to go to Tarragona hospital to receive radium injections prior to surgery. Eventually I was admitted on 26th March and had my surgery, was kept in two and a half days and am now waiting for 15th April when I should get the results of the surgery.
All I can suggest to you, Sue, is that you make a nuisance of yourself at the hospital and they will eventually listen to you or, get your local doctor to contact the hospital. I wish you all the best. Also, don’t worry - I was completely surprised at how painless the whole procedure was. What part of Spain are you in?

Hi Cathy - Im waiting for my colleague to come back to the office this afternoon and will ask for her help. I just know that if I dont get through to anyone today the chances of getting anything before next week are practically zero given the Easter holidays.

Sue x

Hi Sue

Thanks for your good wishes about my op tomorrow.

Can’t believe you’re still waiting. It is very difficult to judge what this time lapse means. In my opinion , as I recall , your consultant said that if you ‘don’t’ get a call it is good news, I would imagine that in your case things are ‘likely’ to be okay.I know that this is easy for someone to say but not as easy for you to accept.Nor can it be certain until you have the facts in your hands.

Even here in the UK without the language barrier, I still had to wait for 2 weeks after my second biopsy and still this was ‘suspicious’ not conclusive !!!( this was two weeks after being told I had BC anyway even though no results have been certain). People keep telling me that my cancer can’t be that serious or far gone as they would have treated me before now and been more urgent about things. I like to think this but I know I can’t be clear on anyhing until the lump is out.I’m also worried about this time due to my age and the fact the cancer in younger people is meant to be more aggressive.

The waiting is so difficult isn’t it. If I was you I would do anything (including taking time off work) to go to the hospital in person and insist on getting some results. They must have looked at the biopsy by now, just not got around to giving you the results.Even if the staffing is sparse over Easter I’m sure your results would be on record to be read by someone.I appreciate though, that this might be hard for you to do.

Try and do what you can to get them.

My op is tomorrow so hopefully I’ll know more by then,

Love Freddiexxxxxxxxxxxx

Morning Mags, Freddie

Thanks for your support as always. And you are both so right that the waiting is so difficult, and I like to believe that if they really knew how hard and stressful it was they would let us know sooner when we have tests etc.!! maybe they have no real understanding of this side of things.

I work in Malaga city Mags but live down the coast in Estepona, so I come under the main Costa del Sol Hospital which is just outside Marbella. I am going to keep ringing in the hope they eventually put me through to someone that can actually help, or give me the appointment.

You are probably right Freddie that when I eventually get the results they will be ok and it will be good news - but at the moment I feel thats irrelevant - obviously I want to stay positive but until someone confirms it 100% for me my mind wont settle.

I accepted the potential 2 weeks wait - but 3 weeks is ridiculous and it makes my mind go into overdrive! have they lost the results, have the lost my notes, has someone just forgotten to call me … its very unfair to play with peoples heads in this way.

Im sure I will be apologising for all my ranting and sulking in the very near future! when I get to post that Ive been given good news … but in the meantime Im finding it hard to keep smiling about it all.

Hope everything goes well for you today Freddie - will be thinking of you. And good luck Mags with your treatment, sounds like you have been given the runaround yourself … so I hope it now settles down and that you can focus on dealing with the weeks and months ahead without the added worry of chasing them up!

Take care
Sue xxxxx

good luck freddicidar for your surgery,i was dx last week 4th and my surgery is for the 24th april
big hugs cathjue09

Get those results!! Telling you now, not politely suggesting!! Yes, I’m bossy boots, but really, you have to know, three weeks is too long, this stress will make you ill, regardless of the actual results.

Everyone has every thing crossed that your results are what you want to hear, and, Yes, “No news could mean good news”. But, as someone ele has said, those results are sat somewhere, someone in the hospital might have thought someone else was ringing you - you know, in any work situation that these sorts of things happen. Not just in a hospital. It is only common courtesy to let you know those results, whether they are good or not so good.

Sue, this is not alarmist - but, please, chase them up, and keep chasing them. If there IS something that needs dealing with - you want to crack on with it, and put this behind you,

OK, lecture over!!
Thinking about you, take care

Lizzy X

Hi Sueinpain, thank you for your reply, has helped me alot. I cant believe you are still waiting. You must start to get pushy and tell them that you wont stop calling until you get your results. Dont their understand how difficult this is for yourself and your family. You must be going crazy!!!

I hope you get you results soon and its good news for you!!
Keep in touch…

thinking of you

Hi Sue, thanks. How are you doing? You had any news from the hospital yet?


Hi Shelly
Unfortunately not ! I was just posting earlier about how bad this all is. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow since my biopsy, the consultants secretary did call me on Friday to tell me I was on his priority list but he had no free appointments which is disgusting!
I know it now likely to be good news, because there is no way they would have kept someone waiting this long if they confirmed BC ! but thats not the point at the moment, Im as stressed now as I was 6 weeks ago!
Thanks for asking Shelly and I will post on here the second I get some answers.
Hope you are doing ok ? have a good day and thank you again its means a lot to have people on here who care so much.

Sue xxx

Well, I have just (actually a Spanish speaking colleague did it for me!) come off the telephone having rung them yet again regarding my results. She agrees (wowee!!) that 6 weeks is a long time to wait for results - but says this is the situation at the hospital at the moment! After my colleague challenged her on the fact that 6 weeks was unacceptable - and yes we had raised voices at this point! - she finally gave me the Consultants direct line - but we cant call him until tomorrow when he is next in.
She did go on to say that she was 100% sure that everything would be ok otherwise they would definitely have called me before now - but as you all know that isnt the real point here, and I still wont accept someone telling me Im ok when they havent seen my results themselves!!
I need this appointment and closure of some description.

Hopefully I may get a step closer tomorrow morning!
Sue xxxx

will be looking forward to hearing your news as have been following your thread and can’t believe you are still waiting!!
love Debs xxx