And yet another thing

And yet another thing

And yet another thing The “Search this site for” facility is very erratic and almost beyond my comprehension. ALL searches which can produce more than one choice are ALWAYS selective and curiously random. Furthermore, as a practical exercise to test my exasperated subjective impression I have today attemtpted the following tasks:

  • tried looking for a specific (as I thought, unique) phrase which I had used in one recent post and it came up with NIL;
  • tried searching for another contributor’s name and it came up with 3 random selections, not even the most recent;
  • tried looking for my own name tag today and it came up with NIL. Tried again and came up with 9 entries, in following date order:

14th January; 5th December; 26th January; 25th December; 2nd January; 18th January; 6th January; 25th January; 20th December.
(Note none at all for February.)

In all seriousness, it does look like this facility needs close attention and very careful reprogramming.

Another current example: bracelets (BCC Moderator, please try this out for yourself!)

To test the search facility again I have typed in the word “bracelets”. This word appears as part of the title of a thread about “MedicAlert” type bracelets on the Undergoing Treatment forum, as well as several times in the various postings on that thread and also occurs on the thread which originally generated the theme, concerning I/V in op.side arm.

Result: Nothing, nil, nix, NADA!

searches when you search the site, and get (generally only 6) posts linked to the search criteria - you click on the link and get through to the post, but without the context of the tread - it’s really difficult to then find the tread that the post refers to knowing only which forum it’s in and the date it was made (but not the name of the thread).

also - why only 6 hits, and often different ones for the same search criteria?