Hi Ladies

I don’t know what has been wrong with me these past few days. I feel angry at anyone and anything.

My kids and hubby are getting it mostly, and I know that they are little trivial things, but I just blow them all out of proportion.
I feel as if they have all lost respect for me, and I am only here for their needs, you know, washing, cooking, cleaning.
Even the cats have had a blast for getting under my feet.

I feel so angry, but then in the next breath I am crying.
I am not normally like this, I am pretty easygoing, you know anything for an easy life, but I am feeling pretty down trodden.

I get myself in such a tiss, that no-one helps me, and then when my hubby offered to carve the meat tonight I said it didn’t matter I would do it.

My little girl (7 years old) has come home from school today with wet knickers because the teacher that is probably no more than 19 herself refused her to go to the toilet, so needless to say, she is going to get it in the neck!!!

I don’t know why I have been like it these past few days, but I hope it doesn’t continue, because I don’t like myself, so I am sure everyone else doesn’t like me.

Right…now I blown off some steam, I’ll go and watch the footie.

Take care


Hi Angie,

First of all a virtual (((HUG))) from me.

It’s good to let off steam,isn’t it! That’s what’s so good about this forum,you can say how you’re feeling and no-one will criticise you for it, but just understand! I was sorry to hear about your little girl not being allowed to go to the toilet. Poor thing. It could be that she forgot to go during the lunch break, as kids that age often do. But that’s heartless to not let her go later, isn’t it.These things make me very cross, too. They are human beings, not robots!

It’s impossible for other people to know how fragile and emotional we are feeling with this d***** disease, so I think we just have to be brutally honest and let our families know we need lots of support with the practicalities, without having to ask all the time, but not to go too far and assume we can’t do anything! We need to be VERY kind to ourselves and not feel guilty, because we should be conserving as much energy a possible to fight off the cancer, deal with the treatment, and just generally stay on top of it all!! I got angry the other day when my hubbie forgot to say thankyou for the cup of tea I made him! I was surprised at the depth of feeling I had!! It’s a roller coaster ride, no doubt about it. You may need to have a siesta in the afternoon to relax a bit, if possible. That seems to be the remedy for many ladies on here. Could you do that?

Hope you enjoyed the footie and got your feet up for a while, with a cup of tea and a choccie biscuit or two!

Take care of yourself, and I hope things improve all round, Angie. If not, have another rant on here!

Love and best wishes for the weeks ahead,

Ann G xx

I used to get like that every so often with PMT…and they said you can get mood swings with tamoxifen. Might be worth speaking to the doctor on onc about it and seeing if there is something you can take to help with it.

I pity the poor teacher when you get to the school.

Hi there
Very interested to read this because I have been taking Tamoxifen for two weeks now. Last week my OH said the wrong thing and I exploded. I have never known anger like it. I ended throwing a fish slice across the room, violently, narrowly missing OH.
Good luck at the school being a teacher myself you have to show discretion especially at that age, poor little thing.

Best wishes Alison

Hi Ladies
I wish tamoxifen was the excuse, but I am on monthly zoladex injections, which I believe can have the same effect, i.e mood swings.
I have been told I have started with the “change” which was brought on by chemo, and so far I thought I was managing quite well
to contain everything, and cope with the hot flushes and so on.

I could literally fall out with myself at the moment!!!

We are going away next week, and my family must be dreading it.
I am hoping it will do us all good.

I have giving them a rant about how I do everything for everyone, but no-one does anything for me, and I am sure it has gone in 1 ear and out the other!!!

I have decided to write a letter to the teacher, as I am likely to blow my top, if I come face to face,

Take care


Dexmethasone turned me into a complete monster - my sister had come to stay and she said it was like living with a Russian athlete on speed.The awful thing is that no one can convince you that you are behaving unreasonably - it all seems perfectly logical when you are on the drugs.

Mind you, my BCN said that they had to section a patient recently because of the effects of the steroids on her, so I guess we are quite lucky really!

Hi there
I know exactly what you mean . I felt what I could only describe as black moods where murder wouldn’t have been out of the question. It has eased but i do still get quite teary for no real reason. I have been on tamoxifen for 1yr now , I’m not sure if it is the tamoxifen or not but it does seem to be worse in the run up to my period and , my cycle has only become regular since the chemo ,radiotherapy and the tamoxifen{I had fertility problems prior to diagnosis}, so this has all been something of a steep learning curve. My hubby and son have been lovely and the easing of the symptoms has fortunately come before going back to work, I’m an auxiliary nurse in an acute ward so murderous moods aren’t really a goer , although it might keep the docs in check. I hope that it eases for you soon . I now find the tiredness the worst of the side effects
The benefit of the horrendous moods is that my husband now does the ironing and doesn’t grump as much as he used to when asked to tidy his side of the bedroom. I did find that just taking some me time helped, I was happiest in the garden or in the greenhouse. So find your peaceful place and make sure that everyone knows that you need to be left on your own when your there.
hope it eases soon
love Nicci