Anne 5 - Good Luck for 28th

Hi Anne

Just wanted to wish you good luck for 28th with your recon.- your children are a lot younger than mine it must be hard for you explaining it all to them and having to be away from them.

I go in on Wednesday and have my recon. on Thursday - so glad it is nearly here. My arm is nearly back to normal after WLE and lymph node removal, it will be frustrating going back to having an uncomfortable armpit/boob again but never mind it only takes a wee while to get back to normal.

Take care

Speak to you after op.

Love Lenise XXXX

Hi Lenise

Thank you for your message. Good luck for thursday. Now what you mean about arm following WLE. Mine just back to normal. Although did not have lymph node removal - having that this time.

Will catch up after our hospital visits.!!!

Take Care, Love