Annoying cough

Hi all,

My mum is on FEC 75 and has developed a really dry, barking cough. She had her second chemo today, so her bloods must have been ok. Has anyone had coughing as a side effect of the chemo?
Any help gratefully received!

Lisa xxxx

I didn’t have a cough with chemo but did get a dry throat. Found Manuka honey invaluable. x

Thanks Josye. I have told my mum to take some Manuka honey to help soothe her throat xxx

yes, fingalcrom ,I had a irritating cough from about my 4th chemo - the sort where it hurts your eyes and you get to the point of feeling sick. Had it for the first 2 weeks of radiotherapy and then it went fairly quickly after about 10 weeks. I put it down to the effect of chemo on sinuses and throat, used steam inhalations and sucked chest and throat sweets for relief. Hope your mum soon feels better. Marli x

Thanks Marli,
Have passed that info on to my mum.

Lisa xxxxxxx