Another anniversary..................

I am 4 years on from diagnosis today.

Just waiting for the appointments to come through for my yearly mammo and follow up (the first is usually November, with the second in early Dec). Keeping everything crossed for both!

Had a bit of a crud day yesterday, felt a bit down so stayed in bed and read a book (thankfully there was no major work stuff for me to attend to). However, this morning I got up early and refused to let anything bother me - having a busy day workwise has helped. It’s not just BC that gets me down in October, my dad died in October as well and this year it’s 5 years since he passed away. One of his favourites was Norman Wisdom, so I was thinking about dad this morning when I saw his death in the news.

OH has gone out, so I’m having a nice peaceful evening with full access to the TV remote - bliss :slight_smile:

Hi Cherub,
Congratulations on being 4 yrs on from DX , its always lovely to read posts like yours as it helps so many of the newly DX ladies on the forums to hear that others who are further on from DX are now doing well after BC.
Im sorry you have felt a bit down , and to hear that your dad died in october too 5 yrs ago,i was also sad to hear that Norman Wisdom had died too . its so hard sometimes when certain things remind us of happier times with our loved ones , i miss my dad terribly too he died 4yrs ago last march and i miss him as much today as i did the day he died, i know people say times a healer but i dont think it ever gets better do you,

Im glad your haveing a nice peacefull evening its good to get some “me” time sometimes , i know how it is such a wrench to get the remote of the men sometimes lol, " why do they constantly flick through channels" anyway good luck to you cherub i will be keeping everything crossed for your next mammo results too ,
All the best to you
Linda x

Hi Cherub
Good that you are 4 years on, I will be 3 years at the start of Jan.
I would not say it has been a good experience but trying to turn my life around having lost all direction and sense of purpose. So here is to 2011.xx

Hi 3 years today I had my first op cant believe it is 3 years I lived on this site at the time and I am so grateful to the people on here who offered me support. I would like others to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, after loosing my hair (which was long and hadnt changed in years) people comment on how much younger I look with short hair lol,I am heavier than I was before though I do eat far more healthly than I ever did so cant have everything I suppose. From living on this site I dont come on overly often more because in the early days I could offer support from personal experience but because the treatment is so quickly changing I found it hard to keep up and wouldnt want to give someone the wrong advice. I could never thank the people on here enough for the support I was given and have made some friends that are the dearest friends I could ever wish for. At the begining of this journey it seemed that nothing would ever get better but slowly and surely it does and although it may never be the same life takes on a new meaning for me personally I found it easier to stop trying to be the old me and start afresh. If this helps just one person I will feel happy that the past 3 years have been for a reason.

Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful christmas and a healthy New Year

Love and hugs to you all