Another appointment this time with Gynaecologist

Hi all,

I have an appointment tomorrow with a Gynaecologist as I suffered a heavy bleed whilst on Tamoxifen. I am 53 last period was June of last year, started Tamoxifen end of October and out of the blue last month I suffered a really heavy period and I mean really heavy. Saw GP who isn’t too worried but for peace of mind getting me checked out. As you can imagine my mind is running riot again. I haven’t had chemo just lumpectomy and unfortunately axillary clearance.
Has anyone out there suffered the same and can you put my mind at rest.


Hi there,

My periods stopped during chemo in Aug 2007, then two years later, completely out of the blue, I had a period in Aug 2009 (whilst on holiday, of course). I worried myself sick about it, was referred urgently to a gynae consultant (another worry - that word ‘urgent’ - but it’s no different from an urgent referral with a breast lump). I was checked out, had a biopsy (bit like having a smear) and a pelvic ultrasound, and nothing untoward was found.

The bleed was put down to tamoxifen (it can cause random bleeds) and no further action was taken. I have had no more bleeds or problems since.

Hope this helps to put your mind at rest. Don’t worry about being sent to get it checked out - that is standard procedure for any post menopausal bleeding.

hi try not to worry to much i had a bleed after 2 years so had a smear test done wich showed abnormal cells i was really concercerned a lady replied to my thread told me a lot of information which put my mind at ease and she was right .i had biopsy and test done ,the results were good they said it was the tamoxifen ,i have to have a pelvic ultra scan on 21st but i am not concerned now ,we all think the worst when this happens because of what we have been through ,hope this helps and i know you will have a lot of helpful comments missmessy x

Thank you so much for your replies.

I saw the Gynaecologist today who doesn’t think there is anything to worry about but just to err on the side of caution has booked me in for an ultrasound scan of my pelvis and also a hysteroscopy which will be done under GA (another one, having never had one before this will be my third in 6 months!!!). Both procedures will be done on the same day, 24th of this month. Bit fed up really, just want to get on with my life again without this constant reminder.

Thanks again for your positive words and I will try not to worry.


I recently had a very heavy bleed, 2 years after my periods stopped. I was admitted to hospital as I had lost so much blood. 2 weeks later I had a hysteroscopy and biopsy. I am now awaiting the results. I really hope it is a one off, but if it carries on I am going to ask about having a hysterectomy, as I already thought I had gone through the menopause, and was enjoying having no periods, and the freedom that comes with it.