Another five leading hospitals buy Cyberknife worldwide

Cyberknife has been installed in five more leading hospitals in Europe and the United States. These include the Penn Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA; The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, England; The Barts Cancer Center at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, England; Charite University in Berlin, Germany; and Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Gliwice Branch in Gliwice, Poland.
This means over 200 Cyberknife machines exist workdwide… meanwhile in the UK we still have a post code lottery with regard to funding, as only 28 PCT’s out of 150 fund it. The government commissioned a report by the National Implementation Group, to decide if stereotactic radiotherapy was an appropriate area for NICE to evaluate, and the NRIG not only said yes it was, but recommended funding. We are now waiting for NICE to actually do the evaluation - so watch this space - cause one day Britain might catch up.

That’s really good to hear, now if NICE could get their act together it would be even better!

Thanks for the update - it’s good to have all this info; am waiting for reply from my MP about the NICE review and the more info I can use in letters the better.

thanks again Lemongrove

thats great news :slight_smile: thanks Lemongrove

I posted this information because I get the feeling that some people mistakenly believe that stereotactic radiotherapy is unproven, and therefore, there is no point getting hot under the collar about cancer patients in Britain not having access to it. The point is, if it is unproven, why have over 200 machines been purchased by the worlds leading hospitals? These machines cost in the region of four million pounds each - and that is just for the machines, and doesn’t include the cost of specialised buildings to house them, or specially trained staff to operate them.
NICE have been effectively sitting on their hands for 18 months now, and it’s time cancer patients in Britain were able to access this life saving technology.

I think Lemongrove the cost is nearer £2.5m for these machines. Strangely enough I heard the view about it being unproven being expressed by non other than the consultant I saw at the hospital I attended (better not name it here!) What she actually said was that there were very few papers written up about it yet which surprised me as it has been in use abroad for some time now.


Oh dear Dawn your Consultant needs to go back to med-school, or read the National Radiotherapy Implementation Group Report. The NRIG are a Government Advisory Group, consisting of Britain’s leading Radio-Oncologists. The fact is that Stereotactic radiotherapy has been the subject of numerous studies - cyberknife alone has been the subject of over 400 peer review studies.
The price you mention is what the NHS have paid. The price paid by the two machines in the private sector was significantly higher. I believe the London Clinic, then spent about another 20 million on a building to house it.
I’m sure after you have it for your spine met, and realise what a fantastic weapon it is, you will be able to put her right.

Hooray what great news lets hope every hospital has one sooner rather than later.

yep - one Onc told me that Cyberknife was “experimental” so really good to have as much info as pos to retaliate. They do need to do more research but that will only happen with equipment being used and studies set up - another Onc has told me that there is a risk when using Cyberknife on liver tumours that the growth hormones in the liver respond by making many more tumours and this is particularly in the case of livers that can regrow so easily - he quoted just one case of this but it’s scared me so I’m looking for more research; does anyone have some?? My current question is, “Does the same risk apply to using liver ablation?” - will have to ask Onc next time but again has anyone any info?
What we need is more machines and more research!

Frances, I’m sending you a pm with the Email address of the Patient Liaison Director at Accuray, as she has details of all the research that has been done on Cyberknife (she is more than happy to answer queries).This will answer any queries or concerns you have, and hopefully, you can then pass the info to your doctor.