Another for the HER2 ladies.

TDM1 for those that are interested.

Hi Hatty

thanks for this posting and the last one. I am hormone positive and Her2 positive and currently am on Letrozole and Herceptin after completing chemotherapy in Feb this year and then Radiotherapy a couple of weeks ago. I have had 5 Herceptins so far with 13 to go. Am really keen to hear more about current trial results so great that you are sourcing these out.

Many thanks, J.

Hi Jayneck im also heading towards my 6th Herceptin we must be about the same place. Ive been trying to persuade my onc to give me Lapitnab with Herceptin but wont. We are so far behind America it stinks.

Hi Hatty

Thanks for another interesting link. I often read the her2 support forum and have seen a wide variety of treatment options in America, but without know the individual dx of the women on there I find it hard to clearly understand why their onc’s choose different regimes. Why is your onc unwilling to give you lapatinib? You seem very well researched, so I imagine you have presented him/ her with evidence. I have heard others mention a central funding. Don’t know whether it is just for secondaries, but just an idea.

I think unfortunately we are bound by funding. In the states the drug companies can deal with individual onc and hospitals- but I am sure you know all about this. Is there not a suitable trial?

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My onc is the chair of that funding committee he would make the money available if i could come up with enough evidence. He also says never to be the first at anything especially if its not being trialed here.
Another reason he gives is that if i have a recurrence they want something that they can use if Herceptin doesnt work and that would be lapitinib. I say why wait for a recurrence if this prevents it. I get the same answer he doesnt want me to be the first and to get more evidence.
He also stated that the American drugs comapny and the insurance driven market means that drugs are pushed to the fore without the trials that we get in this country because its money driven.
It is not trialed in this country for use ase early breast cancer and there are no current trials planned, NICE have not authorised it for use in this country for preventative treatment. SAME OLD SAME OLD THEY SHOULD BE CALLED NASTY.
Im seeing him next week and i will be pushing yet again for this.