another masectomy and double recon using tummy flap, help

Hi, had a meeting with surgeon today who gave me the go ahead for the op using tummy although i am going to loose about 2 stone first to make it more healthy as i am overweight.

Had one masectomy nearly two years ago but had rads to underarm after chemo and have lymphodema in arm. as i have brca 1 gene decided on another masectomy but im a total baby.

He has explained that it is very major and a serious option and not without potntiall problems such as blood clots and small chance or mortality and the fact that they would need to cut a bit of ribs at top for space to join arteries - all sounds really awful to me.

As i am a g size and will be reducing yipee, he has suggested as a first opt to have an expander fitted and inflated over a period of time first to stretch my masectomy side which will need less skin, some symetry and a better look - has anyone else had this done? This would come out when have main op. Im due to go to Florida on 30th April and really looking forward to it, he said i can start afterwards or he might be able to do it in the next 5-7 weeks, but will i be able to travel and i will not have prothesis as will be having saline injected into it do all a bit upside down.

If anyone had anything similar or has any suggestions or advice i would love to hear it. Likely to be having it done in RVI hospital, Newcastle which is around 2.5 hrs form where i live and would have to travel up for all appointments.

Thanks for letting me blurt all that out and I look forward to your help xx

Hi lisaf i had a tummy tuck and tran flap 15yrs ago ,and its been brilliant ,apart from putting weight on "one grew other didnt i had a f and c ,"had reduction on other one ,and its been great ever since .Yes it is a big op ,but once its done its done for gud ,just take it easy for about 6 weeks after surgery ,no lifting ,or pulling ,just rest ,if you need to know anything else pm me "am crap on pc think thats the right term "luv barb xxx

Hi, I had a tram flap five months ago. I had lots of complications, but the shape is good. Holidays are so important epecially after all you have gone through. Speak to your PS or BCN about how much recovery time is recommended before travel. It is certainly will be a long process that you will go through, but I can understand why you have decided to have another mastectomy on other side.


Hi Lisa
I had tram flap recon 10 years ago, at RVI and a friend had hers there 5 years ago. We both had different complications which were dealt with immediately and very well. We both had excellent experiences there and are both very happy with the outcome. The staff were superb and the care was, too.
I used to run a support group and knew people from there who also had it done at the RVI, had no complications and were also very happy with the outcome.
It is a big op but its one the RVI (in my experience) are good at! There is a great support nurse service there too.
PM me if you want further details
re the travel, I would think carefully about that as you do need to really take it easy afterwards -I didn’t and ended up with 2 further hernia repairs,simply because I got frustrated and thought I could do more than I should have - I can be a complete fool like that!
I hope it goes well, despite being a big operation it made me feel wonderful, I found it a huge psychological lift and I really love my recon breast.
I’ll be thinking of you - my last chemo today and then want to start work on getting rid of the chemo weight I’ve put on, so we’ll be doing that together
take care
love, Monica xx

Thanks both for your comments, going to ring the nurse, think im going to wait and enjoy hols first before it. Thanks for offer of answering questions and sorry you had some complications, that’s the part im dreading.

Thanks a lot xx

i had my first masectomy 6 years ago and the second in dec. i had expanders put in both sides and when right size they will be replaced with silicone implants.