Another milestone. Here's to the next!

Saw my Onc today.  No evidence of disease and moving on to 6 monthly appoinments! Looking back on it all, it has been a choppy ride! 

  • The initial shock - I planned my funeral at that point.
  •  The MX - not as hard as I thought it would be and I was glad to see the back of the offending boob.
  •  The chemo - well I don’t have to tell you all what that is like.
  • Herceptin - easy compared to chemo but it kept me trapped emotionally on a 3 weekly treadmill and   I  was aware that you are still having treatment so don’t move on as quickly.

The emotions have been everywhere.  Sense of humour took occassional holidays but I have on the whole been stubborn enough to always look for the lighter side - even today when the Chemo Receptionist mistook me for a man!  I am going out to buy a less practical and more feminine coat…any excuse.


So, today I got told there is a future, so as with all acceptance speeches…

Thanks to the amazing team at Southampton. 

Thanks to their magnificent Lymington Outreach Team (Oakhaven is a haven and a superb place to have treatment)

Thanks to my family

Thanks to my friends

Thanks to this forum for the info and support


I feel free.  I may be back but there isn’t a woman alive who can say they won’t get it so for now…


Congratulations. I know how you feel, it is such a relief when you are told there is no evidence of the cancer and you are on 6 monthly visits.

I am at the same stage as you and I feel so happy.I too had an amazing team looking after me at the hospital and have some amazing family and friends who supported me. I can’t thank them all enough.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Have a happy Christmas and go forward into next year knowing it is all up hill now.