Another newcomer to the site

Apologies if I’ve posted this message twice - not sure what I pressed last time but the posting suddenly disappeared before I had a chance to finish it.


I’ve been browsing this site for a couple of weeks now but have finally found the confidence and IT expertise (though that is still questionable!) to introduce myself.

I’m 30 years old and was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer at the beginning of June. I’ve had a lumpectomy (and re-excision to take out some remaining DCIS) and 4 lymph nodes removed – thankfully clear. Tumour was also thankfully relatively small. It was hormone and herceptin positive, so I’m having chemotherapy (FEC-T), radiotherapy, herceptin and 2 years of Zoladex (I think).

Unfortunately there is also a chance that I may have bone cancer so I have to go for a bone biopsy next week. They’ve found a tumour in my right leg but they tell me the chances are very heavily in favour of it being benign, so I’m hoping for the best.

The worst part of all of this for me has been the first bit; I had just found out I was pregnant the day before I went to the doctor to ask about my breast lump. When it was diagnosed as cancer a couple of weeks later, I was told that, because the pregnancy was at such an early stage and the cancer was so aggressive, continuing with it would probably kill both me and the baby as I wouldn’t be able to have any treatment until I was 14 weeks. I therefore had to have a termination. It was completely awful and I’m still finding it really hard to think/talk or even type about. I already have a gorgeous 18 month old boy so I know how lucky I am compared to many people in this situation but the thought of not being able to have any more children is still the hardest part of all of this for me.

Well, I feel like I’ve written my life story here rather than just introducing myself. I’m really looking forward to being able to chat to other BC sufferers through this forum. I’m based in London and would also love to meet up with others who live locally. Despite my rather depressing introduction, I’m normally quite a positive, light hearted person – honest!


Dear Hannah

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums where I am sure you will recieve valuable support and information from your fellow users, in addition, please feel free to contact our confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm and our helpliners can offer you further support, a ‘listening ear’ and information about our other support services specifically aimed at younger women which you may also find helpful.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Hannah, what a terrible upsetting time you have had, hope we can all give you the support and help you need on here, ask you BC nurse about local support groups in your area, also, most of the local hospices offer complementary treatments, and have support groups in house, so do use them! they are wonderful and they know what we are going through.

lots of love

Alison xxx

Hi Hannah,

I think if our welcomes here could be more than typed words on a page there would be many hugs for you. I think it has taken more than confidence and IT expertise for you to put pen to paper - or should that be fingers to keyboard! Your very poignant story just shows how much this awful disease eats into our lives. I personally cannot relate to your story and dx in that i was older at dx - 45 but am often told that my story is one of encouragement. I have lived with breast cancer as very much part of my life now for 17 years and with extensive bone secondaries but I am still here and enjoy life. I wish you a long one to do many of the things you dream of. You will find many friends here to help you in that journey.

love Dawnhc

Hello Hannah

What an awful time you’ve been having. I’m glad you’ve found this site. You’ll find loads of knowledge, experience and support here.

Good luck with the bone biopsy next week. Let us know what happens.

Thinking of you.

Love Anthi

Dear Hannah

I am so sorry that you have not only been diagnosed with breast cancer but that you have had to have a termination as well. I can’t begin to think how you must feel as I am older than you with adult daughters.

However our breast cancers must be very similar as I also had grade 3 triple positive plus some DCIS and no lymph nodes involved. The treatment so far (on 3rd FEC next week) isn’t too bad, really. I hope very much that you have good news re the bone biopsy and I will be thinking about you.

All the very best.


Hi Hannah
Just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about the termination. I am 37 and have had a mas and recon and one chemo. This disease robs you of so much. I hope you are able to stay strong and know that the choice was not really yours to make - you have a child who needs you. When i was diagnosed in early June my first and still primary thought was for my boys age 11 and 8. Hope everything goes well with your treatment,


Hi Hannah,

Lots of hugs to you. Sounds like you are having a really tough time. I think we all have different stories and are hear to support each other. I don’t have kids my self but wish to in the future. I am 24 and was diagnosed in June too. I have opted for the IVF treatment to freeze some embryos with my boyfriend. But i understand this is not possible for everyone. I am lucky in some ways of being able to do this as mine is not hormone receptive, but in turn this means it is probably genetic so have had to have a bi lateral mastectomy and auxiliary clearance as my nodes were involved.

My thoughts are with you and good luck for your biopsy, glad you found the site, i have found it a great support.

All fingers and toes crossed

Al xx


I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind messages.

I was a bit nervous about posting a message about myself but it’s been really wonderful and heartening to receive so many supportive messages (and also lovely to receive some electronic hugs!) –thank you!

I’ve had a lovely day today in the sunshine with my Mum and little boy, so am feeling quite positive and relaxed.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

Will update on the bone biopsy as soon as I get the results – fingers crossed…


Al – It’s really good to hear you have been able to go down the embryo freezing route and will keep my fingers crossed for you that the cancer isn’t genetic. Unfortunately I can’t have embryo freezing as my cancer is very hormone receptive – the oncologist said it would be ‘extremely hazardous’ which I took as a no! We also went to see a gynecologist, which was really helpful in terms of talking things through, but sadly the only option for me seems to be to wait and see. Am hoping the Zoladex may help (have heard it can help to protect your ovaries by shutting them down during chemo).

Dawn –Your story is definitely one of encouragement and made me feel much less scared about the prospect of having bone secondaries – I was so sure my leg tumour was nothing, it was a bit of a nasty shock to be told on Thursday that it might not benign after all.

Just wanted to send you good vibes
I am 35 and had been trying for a second child when I was diagnosed
I was also not recommended to have egg harvesting as my cancer is also very hormone receptive
Have had three cycles of FEC and now on Taxotere. I have continued to have regular periods throughout my chemo (much to DR and Nurses surprise)
I have been diagnosed now with bone cancer so dont think trying for a baby is an option for me any more but hoped that this will give you some hope that you will be able to try for a baby in the future

Hi Jools

Thanks so much for your message – it’s definitely reassuring to hear that it’s possible continue with regular periods through FEC-T chemo; my oncologist tells me the taxane bit is still so new there aren’t any studies on the effect on fertility.

Really very sorry to hear you have now been diagnosed with bone cancer – am still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that the tumour in my leg is benign. I know, as you say, that it can answer the whole fertility question anyway if you have secondary cancer.

What a nightmare this whole cancer thing is….


Hi Hannah,

Firstly, sending you huge ‘cyber hugs’ ((((((((((o))))))))))!!! What a total bl**dy nightmare for you! You’ve certainly been through the mill lately. ‘Welcome’ to the site though, and in particular to the ‘younger women’ pages. I was diagnosed in march, age 34 and had not considered myself to be ‘young’ for quite some time, so every cloud and all that!!.. LOL!!

I had a mastectomy and total axillary clearance in Mar and started chemo in May. Like yours, my tumour was hormone receptive, so unfortunately we were not able to go down the whole ‘embryo freezing’ route prior to my starting chemo. We don’t have any children yet, although we were planning to have a family. I can only hope that the treatment won’t completely strip me of my chance to have a baby. Fingers and toes crossed!!! My periods continued through my first few sessions of chemo (I’m on E-CMF) but they seem to have stopped now. The onc and nurses are not surprised and are confident there is every chance they will come back.

I wish you well for your bone biopsy this week. Please be sure to let us know how you get on,

Take care,


oh hannah what a terrible few weeks you have had!!! my heart goes out to you girl!!! and so would my arms if only I could reach!

there is so much support here just feel free to have a moan whenever you want!

Will keep an eye to see how you get on

take care xxxxloubyjanexxxx