Another Secondaries get together?

Calling all Cinderellas :).

Sorry not to have managed one of these in August - just not been up to it but starting to feel much better now.

How about the week commencing 8th Sept. Either the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. For those of you who havent managed to make one of these we hope to do it fairly regularly (about once a month) at my place near Lingfield, Surrey.

Again for those reading here - it is only for those with secondaries and on either this site or on bcpals. We meet from any time after 11 a.m. till as long as folk want to hang around.


Hi fellow Cinders

I won’t be able to come as I will, hopefully be with my newest grandchild (due 2nd Sept - but you never know!) I have treatment on the 9th as do some of the others (Dawn?) so Tuesday may not be good for the ‘Herceptin Girls’. I will be thinking of you and will try to make the next Cinderella day in October.


Hi there Dawn - I have treatment on the 9th. It’s the week my little one starts reception class so I’ll have to see but could possibly come on the other two days.


Hi All

Well like Blondie says, i will definitely not make 9th as got Herceptin, so that is me out and not really sure can make that week as got sis in law and hubby arriving that week as my wedding anniversary. Keep me posted tho and will let u know nearer the time, but probably a no this time around again,


Hi all

Really glad to hear that you are feeling much better, Dawn - have got a bit out of touch with how people are doing, having been away on my hols! It’s taken its time to settle down though hasn’t it?

Obviously must go with the best date for the majority but I can only make Thurs 11th. Can’t make the Tues or Wed as already have work commitments. Waiting for a scan appointment (amd then appt with consultant for results) but think that will be next week.

New grandchild, Blondie! Keep us posted - and hope you can make a meet again soon armed with lots of lovely newborn baby pictures!

Love to all

Kay x

This is difficult - I can only make the tuesday or wed as have weekly chemo on a thursday now. Hope you can make some sort of decision and maybe plan for 2 dates over 2 months on a different day of the week and see who can make it. Would love to come.
Glad you’re feeling better.
Love Kate

Oh dear - sounds as if we are “incompatible”, Kate! What a shame - would have liked to meet you again. Obviously need to see (as you say) who can make when but as I have been at Dawn’s last 2 meets and you haven’t, it seems “fairer” if this next one is on a day that you can make, ie the Tues or Wed.

K x

So far no clear picture emerging of a day that will suit more than one other person LOL. Maybe some are still on hols but I am quite happy to move it to the following week - let’s see if any more add to the thread over the next few days.


Hi Dawn

these are really difficult for me but the folllowing week is certainly a better bet - as you say lets see if people come in…

Hi all

Sorry - don’t mean to be awkward but the following week is no different for me really. It’s very difficult for me to take time off work at the beginning of the term with the new children starting etc etc. Also have chemo on that Thursday (18th) so even that isn’t a possibility! So probably (and sadly) will have to count me out this time.

One thought about Thursdays being your chemo days, Kate - presumably you get one week off every 4. Could we settle on one of those Thursdays (if others are also able to manage then obviously and it’s not my chemo day!) in the next couple of months and then we could both make it (and we could get to see each other again!)? Just a thought.

Hope we can sort something out!

Kay x

Hi All,
Just seen this after suggesting a Liver Birds meet up on the other thread. We could amalgamate the two, or make different dates in the hope that we can scoop up more people…
Early Sept is quite busy for me. Thurs is my best day (sorry Kate) but can do Weds too.
Still dying to see your garden Dawn!
love Jacquie x

Kay = as far as I’m aware I’m on a straight through 10 week block of taxol and then review but can make other days now hubby gone part time so just have to hope that between a liver meet and dawns we can catch up.

Well it was a thought, Kate - I was on a 3 week on and 1 week off cycle when I was on Taxol and assumed you’d be the same!

Hopefully we can sort something out re the meet - sounds as if there will be a liver birds meet in London on Thursday 25th, so still probably best to count me out this month for Dawn’s and set that for another day of the week.

Take care all

Kay x

Dawn - what date are we plumpling for?
Being totally selfish as the liver girls ar meeting on thursday 25th, could we make yours another day of the week. Am busy on 9th and 24th but otherwise free - well at present?

Kate - am a bit confused here. It looks like you are NOT free on Tues 9th, but earlier post says NOT Thursday 11th either.

The following week I could do Thurs or Fri 18th/19th. But so far for next week it seems as if there are only 2 at the most on any of those days. So I don’t really know what to do. Any thoughts would help.


I think for the response so far for next week it isn’t going to happen. As far as I can see there is Kate for 10th (gerry possible), Kay for the Thurs with Gerry possible. So am putting feelers out for the following week but only have Thursday 18th or Friday 19th free. The week after that is the Liver girls meet.

So if any want to make it for the 18th or 19th can you say. Otherwise we have to give this a miss until the beginning of October. Would appreciate some thoughts on this.

If we have any others in the S.E. with secondaries remember you are all welcome. pm me if you want info.


Hi All

Well sadly I cannot make a meet for next month really, as finally got Sophies speech therapy sessions sorted and they are on 18/09; 25/09; 02/10 and 09/10 at 12.30 each time. So count me out for now.

Hope u all have good time when u do get to finally organise a date though.

Take care

It looks like Wednesday 10th next week is ON :slight_smile: So far Deirdre, Paula11, dippykate, Revenue, myself & Gerry? can make it. Anyone else is of course welcome. The only qualification is that you have got Secondaries! 11.30 a.m. onwards and let me know if you need details.


Hi Dawn,
I have spoken to you recently following finding out last Friday that I have cancer in hip bone (had pamidronate today and was fine). You kindly mentioned these meets and I wondered if still ok to come along? I am around Wednesday 10th. I will watch over next few days to check if you still having the meeting and if ok with you, then nearer time perhaps i can get the details from you.

That’s great Sue - Paula is coming as well. I will pm you.