Another worried young lady...

Hi All,

I hope you dont mind me popping in. Im trying to get a grasp on reality and thought that this may be a good place to start.
I noticed a sore spot on my breast Wednesday morning when getting dressed, after a good old prod I felt what I though was a lump. Im generally not the best at dealing with things but kept telling myself that if it was one of my friends or family in the same position I would be convincing them to get it checked.
Anyway i went on Friday morning and hoped I’d get a ‘nothing to be worried about’ but unfortunately not and Ive been referred to a breast clinic for assessment. The GP said I should get a letter within 2 weeks, she was very nice but didn’t really give me any other advice.
My husband is being very supportive as well as the 2 freinds I have told, however rather than being told that they’re sure it will be ok I also need to speak about the other possible outcome. Up until now that has been saved for when am on my own, or the middle of the night when I cant sleep. The worst case petrifies me, Im a fighter but the not knowing is driving me crazy. Is it best to just pretend…
I’ve read a couple of the other posts and it seems my fears are completely normal (is that bone ache I’ve had for a couple of months related etc) I really dont know how long I will need to wait which is the worse thing.
Any response would be gratefully received x

Hi Hopeful Mrs Right,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good support as the many informed users of this site have a wealth of experience between them.

While you are waiting for replies I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find helpful to read before your appointment. Do remember that most breast problems are not breast cancer, but you are doing the right thing getting it checked out.

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence before your appointment, or even afterwards, then please do call the helpline here, the staff are here to support you. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon - Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Referral publication:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

I hope this helps. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi hopeful Mrs Wright
you are where i was in March this year and can fully understand the worry and roller-coaster of emotions you are going through right now . You have come to the right place for support and advice here all the ladies have been a tower of strength and information to me . Hopefully yours will be one of the 90% of lumps that are benign and nothing to worry about ,but the best piece of advice given to me was to take baby steps at a time and to concentrate on one thing at a time ,like 1st getting your tests done and getting the results . Once you know this you can concentrate on the next plan of treatment ( if you have too) believe me you will get the strength to get through this just dont go reading too much and go scaring yourself on here .Keep telling yourself that it is treatable and they have advanced so much and having a postive attitude has definately got me through aswell as the support and love from all my lovely family and friends and ladies on here. I have just fifnished 7 months of surgery,chemo and radiotherapy last thursday so iam here anytime for advice ,but heres sending cyber hugs and hoping you dont have to join the club no one wants to be a member of xxxxx let me know how you get on PS i waited 10 days for appointment and had my mammogramme the same day ,but had to go back for biopsy and ultrasound the next week ,then got results 10 days after that ,the turmoil of waiting is the worst part.It didnt hurt as much as i thought it was frozen 1st and the staff were all lovely and very understanding ( some hospitals do the whole thing and results in same day ) depends where you are . message me anytime heres hoping all will be fine xx Hugs Julie

P.S have a look at the posts for "anyone from the northeast about
and starting chemo April. they are a great group of positive, funny ladies here.( iam sure they are on other posts too its just who i started my journey with and have a special bond with them .

Hi - we all understand that this part is hell - the not knowing/worrying/brave face part. The chances are high that there is nothing wrong at all… but of course you are terrified inside. The waiting will be hard, and if posting on here will help you feel that someone out there is listening and understands your fears… then post away. We do.

It sounds like you’ve been given a rapid referral by your gp - hopefully the hospital will be a one-stop for you - and you’ll get mammo, then ultrasound and if biopsies are needed, then them too. You should see a breast consultant, and prob. meet a breast care nurse - so write down any questions you can think of NOW, and ask away at your appointment. If you need to take someone with you for moral support, then do so - if it’s good news, you’ll have someone to celebrate with, but on the chance the news is not so good - you’ll have someone with you.

Don’t go trawling around online looking up symptoms - you will frighten yourself even more. This site is a good place to be, we’ll all be keeping everything crossed that your lump is nothing at all to worry about - but we do totally understand your anxiety now. Once you have your appointment date, you’ll breathe a little easier, once that appt. has happened, what ever the result, at least you’ll know where you’re heading. Hang in there, and post again… I’ll be thinking of you.

Sophie x

Hi Both,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for both of your replies. Feeling a lot more positive this morning, its amazing what a difference a new day can bring. Im sure there’ll be lots of ups and downs over the next few weeks. Like you both said, Im keeping my fingers crossed that it will be nothing, Ill just keep myself busy.
Julie, well done for getting through all your treatment! Hopefully you are managing to have a nice relaxing weekend?
Thanks for the advice on not looking too thoroughly into the websites.
I feel like a fraud joining in on a forum full of such brave people who are going through/been through such traumatic times but you have been such a big help.
hugs to you both,
Leanne x

Hi Hope you doing ok have you heard from hospital for appt yet ?? just thought id say what a coincidence my sister is another Leanne spelled the same way aswell ha ha xx Julie

Hi Hopeful Mrs Wright,

Everyone on here will know exactly how you are feeling right now and hoping that it will be good news for you when you finally get to the results stage.
In the meantime, all I can suggest is not to go reading other posts on here that will scare you witless. Keep yourself busy and stay positive in your mind. Talk to your partner, family or closest friends about how you are feeling right now and try not to worry about something that you may not even need to.
It’s very hard I know to be waiting for appointments and results but try not to stress too much just now. When you get the results, which may very likely be fine, then you will just have to deal with things a little at a time.
It’s a scarey time for you, but you’ll find on here that there is always someone who will be able to answer you questions.
Good luck and take care.