at present iam going through chemo(tact2 accelarated) iam due for my last injection next week then on to tablets,the thing is i dont know anything about how they work ,when i take them for how long or side effects.when i ask about them i just get told i will be informed when time is much for being closely monitored,pleas can anyone help me out here for i feel completely in the dark .thanks dot

Dotmac - is it the capecitabine/xeloda tablets? If so, then most people find them much easier and less side effects than the epi injections. I have to take mine for two weeks then a week off. That’s one cycle and I have to do four cycles. I take four tablets after breakfast and four after my evening meal. The number of tablets is based on your body weight.

One common side effect is sore hands/feet. I keep putting loads of handcream on but I’m just aware of them being a bit sore, they’re not really painful or anything. I’m on cycle 3 now. I was told another side effect is diarrhoea but it’s quite treatable - I didn’t actually get that side-effect anyway. I generally feel a bit tired and grotty at times but nothing bad at all. Sipping Lucozade seems to help me. I should have had shares in Lucozade with the amount I’ve got through!

I’m sure they will go through all this with you at the next appointment. They probably don’t want to give you too much to think about until you need to know. I’m the same as you though - I always want to know everything as soon as possible.

As for how the tablets work, it was explained to me that they are inactive in tablet form so basically they don’t do anything until they get in your blood stream and encounter something that needs zapping. So they’re quite targeted hence fewer side effects.

Good luck with your last injection and then moving on to the tablets.


HI dotmac,
I was on tact2 accelerated Epi/Xeloda and have just finished the Xeloda a week ago, i found the Xeloda a much easier chemo , infact the only side affects ive had with them is tiredness and acid indegestion which i take Omprazole for. i didnt suffer at all with the hand and foot problems which can be a side affect or diarrhoea . I found it a breeze compared to the Epi which was horrible, like Nicola says the Xeloda tablets remain inactive untill they reach any cancer cells and is a targeted treatment, cos its an oral chemo i found it much easier( gives the veins a rest ) unfortunately with the epi my veins suffered a lot and im still having lots of problems with sore hard veins . The tablets have to be taken within 30 mins of eating which helps stop nausea and this worked for me as i was never sick nor did i need to take any anti sickness meds. I was not looking forward to taking the pills as i hate taking pills anyway but i found it a easy chemo to tolerate , I hope itll be the same for you.
Good luck
All the Best
Lindiloo x

thanks girls you have helped alot put my mind at rest so thanks for taken the time to reply to me.i just feel so in the dark at the xgoodluck