Anthi did you dye your hair?

Did you do it. Linbob has done hers and she used a nice and easy and she’s still going through chemo. Still can’t go without scarf but hopefully won’t be too long Princess it will be your turn soonHorace are you having a dye too Love to all Eileen

Hello Eileen

Yes I did but the one I used was one left over from when I had hair before. It was a Wella Shaders and Toners wash in colour. I always found them excellent before but this time on my new grey/white fuzz it had very little effect.
The one I’ve bought but haven’t had the nerve to use yet is a Daniel Field water colour which I saw recommended somewhere as being very gentle. I think I’ll try it next week.
Great that you’ll be able to go without a scarf soon Eileen. Mine is growing VERY slowly so I may be several weeks yet.
Good luck everyone
Love Anthi