Anti-depressants and chemotherapy

Was interested to know if anyone started using these after their diagnosis of BC. My GP and BCN have both suggested it, I’m not sure if it’s just because they think I’m particularly in need - or if this is a common strategy.

My GP made me laugh actually - he said ‘Are you depressed?’ to which I replied ‘Who wouldn’t be, under the circumstances!’ and then he asked if I’d ever thought of harming myself/killing myself! Struck me as totally ridiculous as the reason I’m depressed is because I want to LIVE!

Though I know he meant well, he is really nice and was just doing his job - just wondered about others experiences. I’ve never taken any anti depressants before apart from a couple of months for post-natal depression, they just made me feel ‘vacant’ so I stopped sharpish and made life changes instead (which worked).

Hi Gardenbeetle

I have been on them for years for PMT mild anxiety and depression. My GP upped the dose of citaloram to 20mg during my chemo and the change in me has been amazing.

I keep thinking I have been suddenly ‘cured’ of all my previous mood problems but its obviously the drug as I was a sufferer for 25 years!

I think its quite common to be prescribed them during chemo. I feel fantastic now on the right dose so my advice is dont rule them out

Good luck with all your treatment…Judy x

Hi Gardenbeetle

ive been on and off anti-depressents for years triggered of by post natel depression, keep managing to come off them then something triggers me off again ie fathers death, etc had been off them for about 1yr then i got diognosed and thought my world was falling apart so he put me back on them.
My ONC had no problem with me being on them and as they are doing the job nor have i.I’l take anything that will help me through this awful time

Dont know if this is of any help to you

take care Sally xx

Thanks both for your replies.

The one I took for post-natal depression was Zoloft/Lustral? (think it goes under another name in the UK as well).
Made me feel kind of vacant, like nothing really mattered. I’d go to clothes shopping and not know what to buy, because I couldn’t remember what I liked, or who I was at all really! And the effect it had on my sex-life - don’t want to go too much detail… but lets just say it made things impossible!

Sally, sorry to hear about your Father, I know what it is like when things trigger it, it just seems to get worse each time. My parents died when I was young, and the post-natal thing just brought it all back 100 times worse. However going back to work and starting a part time course helped me much more than the pills in the end.

I know that if I do chemo (haven’t decided yet) I won’t get through it without some serious help - especially as cancer is the reason I lost my parents in the first place. So many questions!!!

Hope you are both doing well and take care xx