antidepressants for hot flushes?

Hello everyone
went to my Doctor this morning as I am suffering badly with hot flushes. She prescribed antidepressants and said I will probably need them for as long as I am on Tamoxifen which seems a bit drastic. Has anyone else heard of this

Hi Hilary,

my GP prescribed anti-depressants for my hot flushes and I was terribly sick from them so he swapped me to another one and the same thing, they made me extremely sick so now I just have to suffer the dreaded hot flushes - friens and family think its quite funny when a flush comes on and I run for the door and no matter how many times that is is most certainly NOT FUNNY they just carry on grinning.

I hope the anti-depressants work for you.

hello angie
thanks for that.I know what you mean about veryone thinking it is funny when you are melting. Took the first tablet this morning so too early to know yet if it will work
Best wishes

hi there, i have been taking anti-deppressants for a while now, but havnt started treatment yet,
still recovering from surgery, but it will be interesting to know how they combine with other medication for the cancer,
so good we can all be here for each other,because there always seem to be people who can answer our questions., i had been taking anti-deppressant for a bout of deppression a few years ago, but not felt quiet up to coming off them. i think they have probable helped with the anxiety of all ive been going through because up to know i feel quiet calm.
All we can do is trust the medical staff and if we are having uncomfortable side effects, discuss them at the earliest chance. ps i am sitting with the window open now because i am so hot (just finishing my period though)
which will be all different again, in a few weeks when i start chemo. we just need to take one day at a time. god bless

Hi Hilary,

I have been taking Tamoxifen for 7mnths now, my hot flushes were unbelievable for the first few months, I had started to feel myself going on a downward slide emotionally-due I thought just to the excessive tiredness that the flushes were giving me so went to my oncology health centre. After a lengthy assessment my counsellor advised me to see my GP re starting anti depressants, he said i should ask for 1 that could help with the hot flushes. My GP said that there is as yet no scientific proof that any anti depressant can stop hot flushes but she knew that some of her patients had noticed an improvement previously so she would by all means let me try-she gave me Venlafaxine, i have been taking them for nearly 3 mnths now and the hot flushes are practically non existent now-sometimes i wonder if its all in my mind but i dont care-its wonderful to be free and to be able to sleep at night.

I hope this helps you honey, take care

Tracy xx

Hello Tracy
Thanks for that, it certainly makes me feel better that not only did the doc know what she was doing but also that it works for you. I could just about cope with the night sweats but the day time ones were getting unbearable.
Best wishes

Hi Hilary

I have added a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication called ‘Menopausal symptoms and breast cancer’ which you may find helpful. The publication can either be downloaded via the link or ordered from the helpline on freephone 0808 800 6000 the lines being open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.

Best Wishes

Hi Hilary

I went to my GP and explained that I was suffering from hot flushes due to chemo and tamoxifen and she prescribed clonidine. They must be working as the hot flushes are bearable or maybe I have just got used to them. Ironically, I seem to feel the cold more which I am hoping is a side effect as it started when I was having chemo but that finished in Dec 07.

Take care


HI Hilary

I have a friend who is on anti-depressants, nothing to do with cancer. She has said that since she started taking them, her hot flushes, caused by the normal menopause, have almost stopped. So I believe they must have this as a side effect.

I stopped hormone treatment cause of all the side effects, the worst being the hot flushes and no sleep, as they only gave me an extra 5%, and to me it was not worth how c**p they made me feel.

Best wishes to all

Love Deborah xx

Hello Angela and Deborah
Thanks for that.I started the tablets and have not yet noticed much difference but will persevere.
Take care