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Regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Diagnosed in aug 07 aged 46 mastectomy 14cm tumour lobular cancer with all lymph nodes positive Chemo radio and tamoxifen. Feel like I have felt all things since finishing treatment elation depression and more recently anxious and terrible sleep pattern.I wonder if it is the tamoxifen but on the other hand I have to take it as it greatly improves chances of survival.Hoping just another phase of recovery but a particularly difficult one to cope with. Have lost wt intentionally post treatment and hot flushes are improved.Any ideas out there ? Saw GP and have sleeping pills if I am desperate

welcome to the forum. I am sorry that you need to be here, but you will find that there is a wealth of information and good people here! One of the things I’ve learned from the women on this forum is how individual our reaction is to treatment. Considering the toxins we have in our bodies, its not surprising that our normal routines are interrupted. On top of the chemicals, our entire lives have been overturned, so anxiety shouldn’t be s surprise.

I have had chemo (AC + Taxotare), surgery (mx) and just finished radiation. Whereas I used to sleep like a log, my sleep patterns have also changed. I no longer fight it, but get up as silently as possible so as not to wake up my OH and go online for a bit or read and come back to bed in an hour or so. It’s not the best thing but it seems to work for me. What is calming for you? Are you feeling backed against the wall since you may need to be up for work the next morning? Make a list of the items that are keeping you up and try to combat them in natural ways. Music, reading, meditation, prayer, there are many ways to respond to the anxiety in your body.

I hope the severity lessens for you and you find an effective way to reduce this effect. I don’t like the idea of being dependent on sleeping pills either. But your body does need sleep especially now as it fights for you. If it helps to interrupt the non-sleep pattern, it could help break the cycle if used judiciously.

Fingers crossed that you will be finding ways to help yourself return to a more normal schedule.