anxious about a mamagram check up

hi in november i will be having a mamagram my first after having a diagnose breast cancer last november having a right mastectomy and lymphs removed didnt realise how anxious i was until looked on calander feel silly but i will be scared to open results did anybody else feel this way

Novemeber is rather a long time away still-so I think you need to forget about it as best as possible for the nextfew weeks. Your anxiety is common-but try not to let cancer dominate your thoughts, and instead aim to move on slowly to a new lifestyle post diagnosis. Life may never be the same again-but try not to let what has happened ruled your life-otherwise, cancer really does manage to win another “battle”.

There is a post treatment article on the cancer counselling trust website that is really helpful. Someone will hopefully post a link if you can’t find it. It is really a good article and has helped me quite a few times to ground myself in moments of fear. Hope all goes well for you, vickie xxx

Unfortunately, the trust is no longer offering counselling.

Kindest Regards, Tina.

know what you mean. I was dx last Aug, and had 2 wle/chemo/rads etc. Anyway, had my first mamo since surgery done a few weeks back. Was really nervous - felt strange going back to the ‘cancer hospital’. Anyway, i will see my onc on Tues , but i spoke to his secretary who sent me the mamo results earlier. They are fine.

sorry to ramble, but it’s natural to feel worried - it kind of brings is all back, somehow. Can you ring the helpline? they are always great

missmessy - I am sure absolutely everyone feels anxious before their mammogram but, as others have said, yours is still a fair way off. Maybe you could “pigeon-hole” it until nearer the time.

Today I received the results of my first mammogram since dx. The letter says that it showed “no worrying features”. Hopefully, yours will be the same.

Ann x

hi thank you all for your kind words i think after getting over a seroma then infection now on monday iwas diagnosed with lymphodema in right arm i was feeling anxious thanks it is good to talk as anybody got advice on eating healthy i have put 2 stone on plus i am on tamoxifen as anybody gone dairy free

hi ann thank you for your advice so glad you had good news

Hi Missmessy
I had my first annual in July though my initial treatment was different from yours. I hate mammo’s and find them highly unpleasant and barbaric. I was anxious and even more so when I was recalled for a repeat mammo on my ‘good’ side. In the end all was clear. I think we all try to get on with a ‘life’ but the spectre of this disease is always there in the background. I never ever have a whole day without thinking about cancer. November is a bit away though so try not to think about it. I highly recommend a book called “the power of now” by Eckhart Tolle for anyone plagued by anxiety or worry about the future.

Hi missmessy, it is a worrying time when mammo comes up but has to be done, I have just recieved my results and everything is ok, sigh of relief on recieving it. It doesn’t get any better having to go but it is a safeguard for us, if anything shows up it will be dealt with. Try not to worry it will be here soon enough, take care junieliz

Got my first annual this Tuesday. Not “too” worried yet! Trying to keep busy to keep my mind off it.

Wondering why they recall some people. Dont they check the mammos before you leave. Last year (first mammo) I was asked to wait in waiting room while they checked the mammo. Then was called in to do left breast again. That was the breast that the lump was found in, so wondering if the lady doing the mammo had seen something and wanted a clearer pix.

I think they just check that the image is clear before you leave. The radiographer does not decide if there is something wrong. Someone else will look at the actual mammogram later, to see if there is anything suspicious on it, in which case you would be recalled. Sometimes, at a one-stop clinic, they will check it there and then and call you back in, if necessary.

Got my results yesterday. They said it “does not show any worrying features”, which is a relief. Is that what other people’s letters say?

Ann x

Hi everybody
This thread was written just for me! I found my lump exactly a year ago today and Im due my mamogram very soon-and although I didnt think I was anxious, Ive been feeling very teary and and sleeping worse than usual(which is some feat)
Ive also realised that I have never, since treatment finished, checked my remaining breast.Im thinking denial-which I suppose must be pretty common, but Ive also done this with my feelings about the whole rotten time since that day of dx.
I was lucky to have had the original dx at a ‘one stop shop’ and Im pretty sure this wont happen for a ‘routine’ check, so Im dreading the wait for the results too.
Im going to restart writing my feelings down, like I did at the beginning so that maybe I can cope with the future and get back to my more positive thinking,.
Thinking of you all
Cathie xx

Cathie - I remember you from this time last year. I had a WLE and found I couldn’t do any checking for a long time. After one of my checks at the hospital, I decided to start doing it again but because of all the scar tissue, I am not certain I would be able to find a lump, especially as I had lobular bc. The mammogram I had recently didn’t find anything to worry about.

We all get anxious when a mammogram is due but, hopefully, you will get good news.

Ann x