Anxious about tomorrow


Having found a small lump in my right breast 3 weeks ago just before Christmas I am due to go and have the tests on it tomorrow.

Everyone I have spoken to have told me it is unlikely to be anything given my age (26) etc etc but I just can’t help but feel extremely anxious - 3 weeks is a long time when you are waiting for something that could have such a dramatic effect on your life and it can feel quite lonely too!

I also have no idea what to expect from tomorrow - do I get my results on the day, how long it takes, what questions I should ask, what if the worst does happen?!

Apprehensively waiting,

mel x

Dear Mel

Welcome to the forums where I am sure you will receive lots of support from the other forum users, you may also find helpful a Breast Cancer Care publication, Referral to a breast clinic, this can be downloaded via the link below.

Kind regards

Hi Mel, hoping to give you some support! I’m receiving treatment for breast cancer at the moment, but when I was 23 I was diagnosed with a benign beast lump (I’m 40 now). Most lumps are benign, and as you say you are very young. Even at 40 I am in a young age group! My lump then was classed as a breast “mouse” ! It’s a build up of fibrous tissue. When I got to clinic, like you I was petrified, but the consultant knew straight away by feeling that it was not cancer. I had it removed 3 days later, and my scar was amazing, a few weeks later it was hardly visible. I was back at work after 10 days. They don’t always choose to remove them from what I’ve heard. My current situation is not related in any way to that benign lump I had. I can only speak from my experience at my hospital, but it’s very likely you will have a good idea of things on the day. Make sure you take a friend or family menber for support, but I’m sure you will be fine. The consultant will examine the lump and give an opinion, you may have a needle biopsy, where fluid is drawn off, a very quick procedure. Mammograms are not offered to ladies under 35 as they can’t show up lumps due to lack of fatty tissue in the breast at that age. Sometimes they use an ultrasound machine too, like during pregnancy, and that is done by the consultant, and is painless. I don’t want to bombard you with info, but I can appreciate your worries I really can. Is it possible to keep yourself busy today and tonight? Take yourself off shopping or go and see friends?

Let me know if I can help further, and I hope this has eased your mind a little. There is a forum on here for benign breast conditions, don’t know if it would help to read those.

Please let me know how you get on.

Liz x

Good luck for tomorrow chica. It is scary and a horrible waiting time. Im 12 months down the line now having finished surgeries, chemo, rads etc etc etc.
I was 29 when I found my lump…had the tests done. Initially fobbed off with its benign…because it pretended…but turned out not to be when i finally got my own way and had them all removed.
There are a series of tests they will do…first off the consultant will examine you…then sent off for a mammogram and an ultrasound, they may do a biopsy on the lump just to make sure. Its uncomfy rather than sore…bit like having your ears pierced.
I was told the same as you…unlikely because of your age…please, please make sure they do the tests…as age doesnt make you completely safe anymore. Sorry if thats scared the pants off you, but its true chica.
Once again, good luck for tomorrow

I have posted this on behalf of new user kelly

Kind regards

hi mel, 12 months ago i too was in your stuation.when i arrived at the clinic i was examined by a consultant,then had an ultrasound followed by fine needle aspiration which was painless.i had to wait 3 days for my results which were the longest 3 days of my lump turned out to be benign.try to stay positive and good luck. kelly xxx

Hi Mel,

I toally feel for you. I am new to all of this too and I too have an appointment with specialist tomorrow afternoon to investigate a lump I found 2 weeks ago. Im 24 and extremley bewildered by the whole situation. This forum has enabled me to get alot into perspective and given me peace of mind as to what is actually going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrows appointment domininated my head over Xmas and is making me very scared indeed but all the luck in the world im sure we will be just fine.

Davinia xx

Thank you so much for all of your words of support and advice - I feel silly to be so anxious especially with the odds so stacked in my favour but that never stops you from fearing the worst.


Good luck for tomorrow - my appointment is in the morning - please let me know how you get on and I really hope it is good news.

Mel xx

Hi Mel,

Good luck too but I dont think we will need it, try to a get a good sleep tonight if thats possible ready for the day ahead, my appointment is in the afternoon so ive got half a day of work to get through I wont be able to concentrate one single bit but hoping to take my mind off it!
All the very best, let me know too.
D xx

Once again thank you for all your words - I had the examination and an ultrasound and they have said it is benign, which is a massive relief. However and I’m sure I am being paranoid but should they not do a biopsy to be absolutely sure? They have also said they can remove it but don’t think it is necessary, what should I do, have it removed or hope it goes away?

Mel x
(p.s Davinia, good luck for this afternoon, hope work took your mind off things)

Hi Mel, that’s wonderful news, I’m so pleased for you. They didn’t do a biopsy on my benign lump as they usually “know”. I didn’t mention this before but does your lump move around at all within the breast? They do say that benign ones are mobile and not fixed to anything. If that’s the case then they would have had a good idea straight away. I would trust what they say about non removal, as I know they sometimes leave them be. At least you can relax now. Have a good night’s sleep!

Liz x

Hi Mel,

Thats great news! My appointment seemed a waste of time to be honest and im still as worried as I was before I went. I saw 2 doctors who examined me, the 1st Doctor was a junior I think who asked a load of questions and looked more nervous than I did, the 2nd was the consultant on that day who examined me also. He told me that for someone my age to get BC is ‘once in a blue moon’… I was like yes so can we confirm it isnt BC please. Next minute im being told the Ultrasound man isnt in today becuase his wife broke her leg and to come back next week for an ultrasound!!! That was it. I know these guys are experts but all I want is peace of mind and a sure confirmation! Argh!
So Im waiting for a call back to have scan so it will probably be another 2 weeks before I get anywhere. They arnt rushing to get me seen so that confirms to me that its nothing to worry about but still my brain is on overdrive!!
Oh well not to worry will update you.
Davinia x x


I’m really sorry to hear that your appointment was a bit of a farce and that you haven’t come away with the reassurance you need. I hope your new appointment comes through quickly and that it all has a positive outcome.

Thinking about you and wishing you all the best - let me know how you get on.

Mel x

Hi Mel08,

It must be said that no woman attending a breast clinic is wasting time but simply doing the sensible thing, even though the chances of a breast lump in younger women being breast cancer is low.

If you’ve have a palpable lump please doublecheck with the breast clinic whether or not you need a fine needle aspiration or biopsy, even if you are a young woman.

The guidelines on best clinical practice say that where a woman attends with a palpable breast lump she should receive ‘The Triple Assessment’.

the Triple Assessment consists of three things:

  1. Clinical Examination - the consultant examines both breast and checks for lumps and any asymmetry.
  2. Imaging - this involves either mammography or ultrasound. (Ultrasound tends to be carried out in younger women or in women with dense breast tissue.)
  3. Histology - cells are taken from the lump by either fine needle aspiration or core biopsy and sent to a pathologist for examination…

These three things taken together have an accuracy of 99.6%, much better than any other test on its own.

Guidelines for England & Wales (the Nice Guidelines) can be found at
Guidelines for Scotland (The Sign Guidelines) can be found at

I wasn’t given a biopsy and was told my two lumps were fibroadenomas. Six months later I was found to have breast cancer and my Trust has since paid me damages out of court. I wouldn’t wish the situation I have gone through on anyone. Give your breast clinic a ring. If the consultant had a good reason for not doing a fine needle aspiration / biopsy he or she should be able to tell you what that reason is. Use the term ‘Triple Assessment’ and ask for the reason to be put in your case notes.

In the meantime don’t panic. The chances are very much in your favour that the lump is benign but better to be absolutely sure.

Best wishes,