Anxious newby

Hi i have just been to my gp(friday) with a small lump i have found, its just the size of a pea. The Gp said its not a cyst and she isnt too concerned about it, but would refer me to the breast clinic for reasurance. I am pretty freeked out about it and even more so that she said it was an up to 3 month waiting list :(.

Its hopefully and probably nothing. I keep reading about people feeling thickening in the breast and i have no idea what that means. I have notised under my armpits feels odd and my breasts feel more notisable there. Like i have been to the gym and did some arm and shoulder exercises. Is this the feeling they are referring too?

I am 35 this year and lost my dad to lung cancer over a year ago. I cant put my family through all that.


Any advice is apprciated



Hello Missy8005

Welcome to the BCC forums.  Whilst waiting for support and shared experiences from your fellow users maybe you would like to call our free helpline on 0808 800 6000 and talk to one of our staff who are there to offer support and practical information.  Lines are open Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday10-2.

Best wishes

June, moderator