Anxious wait :/

Hi I’m new to the site and in need of a bit of support. I had a recent investigations for chest pain and they reported an incidental finding of a breast lesion on one of my scans. I was discharged from hospital and told that it was a small cyst and that they were common in women my age and probably wouldn’t even need treating but advised to see my GP for referral to the breast clinic. I saw my GP a few days later and he had already made the referral and I went to breast clinic on the 8th feb.
Neither the GP, myself or the consultant could feel a lump but it was clear on the mammogram and the ultrasound. I have had a few biopsies taken and was told that I would be seen in clinic in around a fortnights time the consultant didn’t seem overly concerned anout the lump and didn’t suggest that it looked malignant on the mammogram or ultrasound. I have an appointment for 27th almost three weeks after the biopsies were taken and think I may have completely lost the plot by the time i get the results.
I live alone and have a loving family - but a family of emu’s and since I went to the hospital not one of them has asked how I am or if i’ve heard anything, which is what i’d expect from them. I have spent most nights trawling the internet researching breast cancer and trying to get some answers.
I have looked at benign breast conitions but i already know it’s not a cyst and it doesn’t seem to fit the description of a fibro adenoma…are there other benign conditions?
I also wondered was the length of time to getting the results significant in any way? It will be almost three weeks between biopsy and reslts appointments does this mean that they aren’t concerned? If it were malignant would my appointment have been brought forward? It seems sooooo long and I can hardly think of anything else…I can hardly function at work HELP!

Hi Karen_1971

Firstly welcome to the BCC discussion forums. It sounds like you’re having pretty tough time at the moment. I’m sure some of the other users of on site will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk to a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Karen
I’m sorry you’ve entered the labyrinthine world of waiting for biopsy results. It’s a horrible place to be. All of us on here have experienced the same torment - waiting for results of different kinds and being sucked into a sort of anxious frenzy of ‘what ifs’ etc etc. What helps? Well I suppose distracting yourself as much as possible with everyday jobs, try to do some things you really enjoy, and mental strategies to keep your mind as calm as possible. This is easier said than done of course. Talking about your fears can also help - if you can’t talk to your family find a trusted friend who you can just use as a sounding board. Talking out your fears helps. Also carry on using this forum or others. Good luck with your wait - try to set a deadline to achieve something else just before the 27th then the time will be taken up concentrating on that.
best wishes

Hi Karen
Sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time. Waiting is hard isn’t it?
I’ve been trying to do some relaxation using the poscasts on the Mental Health Foundation website (they are free to download!) and just trying to be kind to myself.
I like Maggy’s idea of setting another task to acheive before the date - going to try that myself!
It’s surprising what we can cope with when we have to…
Best wishes

Thank you both for your suggestions…I’ve had a busy day at work and that’s helped distract me a little. I have made a list of chores that I never seem to get round to and i’m intending to tackle those and keep busy over the weekend. The 27th just feels like forever away still and i find myself wishing they’de call me in earlier so that I know even if that means bad news.
I’m just going to check out some relaxation techniques on line and have a deep bath with a nice CD on.
Thank you so much. It’s lovely to be able just to voice your concerns honestly to ladies who have been in the same position and realise how hard it is.

This is my first post. I am waiting too. I have had biopsies done in my breast and nodes and am waiting for results. I am terrified. I feel like I want to know whats happening to me but at the same time I want to run away. The wait is sending me off my head and like everyone else probably has before me I am thinking the worst. By finding this forum I think I have felt a small bit of calm come over me and I would like to thank you all for that. I only have till Thursday to wait for results but it seems like a lifetime away.

Hi Karen, waiting for results is a hard part of the journey, and until you get a treatment plan it seems like it goes on forever. I waited for my initial results 2.5 weeks then had to have a second core biopsy which took another 10 days. Please try not to trawl the websites as I found lots of website proved to be frightening and just untrue. Stick to this forum and Macmillan, honestly all the information is contained here. Keep chatting on this forum the ladies and gentlemen on here are so reassuring and knowledgeable and kept me going through the dark hours. Have you tried ringing your breast clinic to see if they can bring your appointment forward, explain to them how you are feeling…you don’t know until you ask. I think the results do take At last 10 days, then they seem to have a system where the results are discussed at a meeting etc., Do try and have a relaxing weekend, i inow its difficult and do feel free to post on here or Private message me. I will be thinking of you. Big hugs xxxxxxxxx

Hi Karen,

As the others have said, do your best not to panic (easily said, I know) and DON’T GOOGLE!!! I think a lot of us have found that we descend into a cleaning frenzy whilst waiting. Cancer diagnosis and treatment is really just one long wait punctuated by a series of appointments, so I think that us lot must have the cleanest houses around (although my has deteriorated into a pigsty again, now that I’ve finished active treatment).

The length of time you’re waiting isn’t unusual and is not a cause for concern. After I’d got my results and was waiting for a date for my op, my consultant told me that a three week delay would not cause him any worries at all, but he wouldn’t want a three month delay. Most breast cancers just don’t grow that quickly, and my tumour had probably been there for a couple of years at least before it got big enough for me to feel it.

All the very best, and we’re not emus on here, so you can talk to us whenever, and about whatever you like.

Jane xxx

Thank you for your support. I think I may have exhausted the internet and it hasn’t proved to be very helpful. Finding this forum has been such a release and everyone seems so brave and supportive. I’m astounded at peoples journeys and overwhelmed at how they still have enough heart and courage to support other ladies.
Thankyou again x

Hi, new to site and going through same,went to my Dr on Monday,she said she had felt a thickening.Got called into the hospital yesterday.The consultant was a bit offish’ which did not help! told me could feel nothing and it was rib pain, odd considering pain under arm.Sent me for a mammogram anyway which i’m thankful for! A small 7mm lump showed up,so had ultrasound and fine needle bio…now waiting for results!
It’s very small so feeling positive,although can’t settle down and the kids keep asking if i have ADHD! bless.Have no nails left either…
I would like to say a big thank you to all of you on this site,reading posts and info over the last week has given me the strengh to face each day and not fall to pieces in front of my lovely children,thank you for protecting them by keeping me sane! As i said my lump small and you guys have made me realise i’m awful to feel so worried when you are having treatment and still being so positive.
Will get results from grumpy consultant sometime next week.
Much love to you all,
Suz xxxxx

Hello Karen, i too am awaiting results and am having to wait 10 days. Ill get mine on the 26th of Feb just a day before you hun xx i know exactly how your feeling…have had a large patch of bruising with a slight thinkening of skin and pain…had a large patch of skin removed in a biopsie…had to wait 6 weeks alltogether for this as they thought is was infection…think ive got inflametery breast cancer as there the sort of side effects that are listed…hope im wrong xx

Hi Karen,
I am in the same boat as you at the moment in that I had a routine mammogram on 29 Jan and was recalled for further tests on 8 February. The mammogram threw up 2 benign cysts but ultrasound showed a 6mm oval, smooth shaped thing and I had a biopsy on it. My appointment to see the breast consultant isn’t until this Monday, 18 Feb - I have had to wait 3 weeks!
I lurch from feeling really negative, waking under a big black cloud each day, to being thankful that if it is malignant I am lucky it has been found and can be treated, hopefully.
I too have googled everything but have found a lot of comfort from comments on this forum. I have a beautiful boxer dog and live near the coast so me and hubby spend a lot of time walking on the beach to take our minds off this horrible waiting game.
Anyway, only 48 hours to go for me now. I’ll let you know how I get on and I wish you all the best for a positive outcome yourself.
Julie xx

Hi melloney2007
Thank you for your reply…I hope that your weekend isn’t going too slowly. After six weeks already on tender hooks you must be exhausted. The consultants can be really dismissive and I don’t think they realise just how big an impact their attitude can have. My lesion was found during an incidental scan for something else. The consultant that saw me assured me that it would be just a cyst at my age and said that they don’t even treat them if they aren’t problematic so I almost never bothered going to follow it up. Thank goodness I did because it’s definately not a cyst but I still don’t have a palpable lump. It doesn’t sound like a fibro adenoma from what I’ve read about them so I’m at a loss until the 27th.
I really hope that your appointment goes well. and that your consultant gets out of the right side of the bed that day…please let me know how you get on and chat any time. The wait is excrutiating!

Hi Lady Julie
I wish you all the best for Monday three weeks is so long isn’t it. I have my fingers crossed for you and hope that you have something lovely planned for tomorrow as i’m sure it’ll be a long day.
I know what you mean about the see saw that we’re on. I too go from being grateful that my work friends bullied me into going to hospital or the lump would have gone unnoticed until who knows when to just being scared and I’m also a bit frightened of looking like i’ve fussed about nothing and worried everyone if it’s benign. Which i know is daft because i’m sure we’ll all just be relieved.
The ladies on here have or are going through some terrible journeys and they are inspirational. Finding the forum has been great. Please let us know how you get on.
Big hugs

Hi Karen…reallynice to hear fromyou…yes i do hope when i go back that they are a little more understanding, wishing you all the luck in the world on your results too…its a terrable wait. You feel fine and then you get a horrid feeling in your tummy…i take it that yr date of birth is 1971…same as me lol xx all the best and keep in touch. Its so good to talk toother ladies going through the same waiting game xx

Hi Ladies
Just had a lovely weekend. It’s been my daughters birthday…her wedding pics arrived and the sun has been shining so been out and about with my grandson. I have only been home a few hours and gave in and trawled the internet yet again. It threw me into a bit of a frenzy which resulted in me calling the BCN at my hospital and leaving a message saying that I’m reall anxious about the biopsy results and think that a three weeks wait is unnacceptable…I’ve asked that they call me tomorrow to either bring the appointment forward or tell me over the phone if its benign and they can fill in the details at the appointment. Thank goodness I’m back at work tomorrow and will have some distractions. I really think that the waiting times are rediculous and if i have BC i just need to know and be able to get on with it.
Sorry rant over.

Hi ladies
Quick update, I gave the BCN at hospital a call and left a message last night they called and said that they didn’t have results but that I was being discussed at todays MDT. I’ve had a call back this afternoon and thankfull had the all clear. I have fibrocystic breast changes which are nothing to worry about. I have a follow up appt nextt week but can sleep again. Thank you so much to everyone who offered support, this site has been a real help and good luck to those of you whose news wasn’t so good.
Big hugs
karen x

Hi Karen,
What a relief!! Get out and celebrate!!


How lovely to hear your news. Best wishes for the future.
Julie xx