Any advice about bilateral free TRAM reconstruction

I had a left mastectomy in 1995 aged 38 and a right in 2000 aged 44. I didn’t go for reconstructions, at the time I wasn’t really bothered, I felt ok about myself. Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been to as many web sites as I can and also spoken to my breast care nurse, (she said, about time!) I have now been to see the consultant and return again to talk over my decision. I, hopefully, am going to go for the free TRAM flap. Has anybody had this done and can you let me know what I will be going through please from start to finish. This forum has been a great source of information.

Hi Sherbie

I had free tram flap recon to my right 11.12.07. after mastectomy 21.12.05.

I knew it was the biggest of the ops with the bigger recovery, but my PS had advised it would give the best results. I had my op 6 weeks ago yesterday, was pretty stiff and tight for a couple of weeks, but once you can get out on small walks its surprising how quickly it helps with recovery and strength. Have just got back in from a good 2hour walk, have also been told by my consultant that he has no problems with me going back to work or driving if I am able to action emergency stop and feel comfortable. I am going to try the driving on Friday as hubby is home and original sicknote covered me for 8 weeks so will go back to work once this expires.

I was instantly impressed with the recon, the shape is fantastic, I am rubbing loads of E45 along the scars and they have softened no end (the tummy is a big one) but I feel it was all worth it and the boob will get better even more once the swelling settles and gravity kicks in. Another lady who had the same op 3 weeks ago is also recovering very well and loving her new shape.

Good luck


Hi Debbie,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ve just been to see the consultant this morning and finalised everything. Now just waiting for a date. I’m a tiny bit nervous but very excited!! Can’t wait.

Thanks for your good wishes