Any advice before i see my BCN for prothesis

That sounds reassuring Jo. I will let you know how I get on. I am not quite ready yet. My BCN is arranging an appointment for me. Being completely breast free I suppose I can choose to be whatever size I want:) Somwhow I think I will stick to what I was. My trouble just now is that wearing a bra with my softies, I keep thinking it is riding up since there is nothing much to hold it down. I am hoping that the weight of the permanent ones solves this problem.

I am finding the M&S vests with the built in bra thing are best in the meantime.


I hope you all well. Just thought id update you on how me and Bertha are getting on. Well i put her in a bra i got from Asda,(Ive never had one from there before, but lots of ladies rave about them on this site so i thought id give one a try until i get to and M&S) which fits well on my left breast and i must say for a £6 bra i was quite impressed. Anyhow i proceeded to potter about yesterday morning once the kids were at school, spot of polishing and pushed the hoover around. I was comfortable in the bra, there was some movement on both sides, i must say Bertha seemed to mirror what ever my left (real) boob did. But Bertha did move out of the bra and sit just above it alittle so i was really disappointed. But this may be because it wasn’t pocketed.

I didnt like the pockected bra in the shop i felt like the bra was incontrol and not my body. So wehether the movement is because the bra is wrong or Bertha isn’t quite right for me i don’t know. Ive spokened to the M&S lady and got her shifts for next week and she assures me she will fit my left breast and the the correct prothesis will not move. She was very confident so im going to put my faith in her to get the bra right and go back to the BCN to sort Bertha out.

I do really like the idea of the contact though, i think it comes back to your body being incontrol of it.
Carole, it may be an odd question but how do you get it positioned in the right place? with bra on or without. Any advice would be great.

Take Care