Any advice on CMF please?

Hi Ladies,
Wondered if anyone could give me any advice on starting CMF? side effects etc.
I have heard it is given in tablet form and IV is that correct? Due to start soon, previously had EPI.
Many Thanks

Hi Jillian

While you are waiting for your fellow users to reply to your post you may fine it helpful to have a look at the information leaflet produced by breast cancer care on CMF. It can be downloaded or read on line at the following link:-

I hope you find this useful

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Breast Cancer Care

Thank you Moderator, that will be very helpful.

Hi Jillian
I have just had my first cycle of CMF. The ladies on the site have given me some excellent advice. I found with epi that I had an all over grogginess and found it difficult to pinpoint side effects to control them (if you see what I mean!). With CMF, I have had NO nausea - yipee! Have felt very tired and done a lot of sleeping. After my second dose of cycle 1 my mouth and throat became very sore and I found cold milk and sucking on boiled sweets very soothing. The one thing I have struggled with is being very sore down below. This lasted about a week and I started a thread named ‘so sore down below’. Have a read of it because I was given some fantastic advice - it may give you a giggle too!!
Good luck with it all.
Carly x

Hi Carly,
Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it. Have read your thread and I am now prepared, and yes it did make me giggle especially the firemen bit! Must have been awful for you though. At least if it happens to me now I know that it is one of the side effects. Know what you mean about the grogginess with the EPI , least now I know its not just me. Good Luck with the rest of the CMF and hope the side effects are not too bad for you.

Hi Jillian,

I am due my final day 8 CMF on weds. Although I found the Epi to be not too bad I have defo found this to be even more tolerable!! The 3 drugs are given IV via syringes, much the same as the Epi, except they can use a million different veins for it which is much better. I’ve had cannulas put in places I didn’t know were possible!! The 3 week break you get after each day 8 is awesome!

You can get an upset tummy with CMF. I suffered terribly after the first couple of session but once I’d sorted my diet out it was fine. Bascially I always used to start the day with a high fibre cereal and home made smoothie. This was not at all good for my poorly tummy so I was advised to cut back on the high-fibre diet for the first few days after each treatment and this has totally sorted me out!!

Some people suffer with mouth sores and ulcers on CMF but thankfully I never had. I just regularly use an alcohol-free mouthwash and my unit give me some ‘calcium folinate’ tabs to take for 6 doses after each CMF and have had no problems.

One of the drugs can make you feel a little light-headed and almost drunk when it is being given. Not an altogether unpleasant experience but can make you feel a little weird if you’re not expecting it. I just shut my eyes and sit back and it goes as quick as it comes!

Another drug can give you a ‘just jumped into a swimming pool’ feeling up your nose. To prevent this I suck on a calipo ice lolly whilst I have my chemo and it works a treat! I’m taking a snickers ice-cream to have next weds in celebration!!!

Take care and I hope you find the CMF to be ok,


Hi Kelly.
Thanks very much for the good advice and tips, really appreciate it. Its not the first time I have followed your advice, early on in my chemo you gave a great list of tips which has proved invaluable, I stocked up with all the things you recommended and have gradually had a use for all of them. I have found the EPI a bit rough, the ladies at my chemo ward say that the CMF is more tolerable, so keeping my fingers crossed. Could I ask you one more thing Kelly? At what stage does your hair start to grow back, someone told me that it is after the last EPI, but not sure that is right. Best of Luck on Wednesday, what relief you will feel I am sure, and devour that snickers ice-cream, you have well earned it!
Thanks again,

I finished CMF last month. I found I was more tired on CMF than on the epi - i think it was an accumalative thing. I had mouth ulcers on CMF but had good stuff from clinic that sorted that out. Funny thing was that on the very last CMF i could say I had hardly any side effects at all - I think I was on a high about finishing chemo and that helped me stacks. good luck

Hi Jillian,

my hair started growing back after my 4th Epi. I now have quite a covering which is good, especially as I had accelerated Epi. A friend of mine’s hair started growing back even before mine!!

Take care and good luck,


Hi Kelly, Thank you for all the advice.

Take care, and best of luck for wednesday.
Love Jillianxx

Thanks Jillian xx