Any advice on financial situation most welcome.

Hello ladies,


I am hoping someone can offer any advice on my financial situation, and i apologise if i have posted in the wrong place.


My SSP is due to end shortly and so i put in a claim for employment and support allowance, thinking it carried on from where SSP ended.

I am 4 weeks post chemotherapy, and had major surgery at the end of February.


However, i have received a letter informing me i am not eligible for contribution-based ESA, as in the last two tax years i have not paid enough national insurance contributions. ( For the first year i was working full time, then part time, studying and was briefly self-employed).


I have now received a letter to apply for income-related ESA, but it is means tested and my husband ( who is retired) has savings, not a great lot, but which go over the threshold.

Much of these savings are being used on the house we bought two years ago, which needs a great deal of essential work doing on it.


In a nutshell, i don’t think i am eligible for any financial help at all, from anywhere. This is incredibly stressful as i am being sent on average three DWP letters a day from various parts of the country, all telling me different things; i have only recently finished chemotherapy and came out of hospital at the beginning of this week.


Do we have to use my husband’s pension and savings to live off each week? It seems incredibly unfair, i have worked full time for most of my life, my husband has worked all of his life and obviously i do not know yet when i will be able to return to work.


I honestly feel like going to the job centre with my drains still attached and asking how they are going to help me. Since i was diagnosed with BC i have found courage and inner strength which i never knew i had; i felt now my operation is over i can start to move forwards, but now i have this to deal with.


Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

Ps we have already contacted welfare rights, Macmillan, etc for advice but we are going round in circles.




Hi Shelley,


I’m afraid I am by no means an expert in this area, but have found myself in a vaguely similar position.


I’ve been off work for 6 months now & went down to half pay 2 months ago.  Because I have savings & my half pay is still of a reasonable standard I’m excluded from most benefits.  (The reason I have savings is because I’m moving house & so all savings have been hard gained & are required for getting a mortgage.)  I live in Northern Ireland, so we may be slightly different, but I’m receiving a grant from a charity for £400.  Helpfully my chemo brain has forgotten the name of the charity, but I can find that out & let you know if you think it would be helpful.  I’m also entitled to Disability Living Allowance as I had trouble getting out & about after chemo of about £70 per week.  Again, it might be different in the rest of the UK…


After all that rambling, my advice would be to see if you can find any charities which are willing to provide grants; there seem to be a few smaller ones which can provide one off payments of a few hundred pounds.  I hope you manage to get something sorted; you’ve been through enough without the additional stress of financial worries.


Take care luvvie,