Any advice on nails please


Can anyone advice me please. I had 4 x AC followed by 4 x Tax which finished at the end of January. All through chemo I kapt my nails painted with a very dark polish and used lots of nail oil. At the end they were not only intact but appeared to be in good condition.

Last month I stupidly decided to revert to a normal light nail polish . Today I have discovered that nails are pulling away from the nail bed on several fingers. Has anyone any suggestions. I have immediately painted them dark again and will resume the nail oil but is there anything else I can try



Wrap micro pore tape all over them so they dont catch. Its usually a good while after finishing Taxotere that they depart. I think my big toe nail (no light getting to that!) departed 3 months later.

Hi Andie

I think that you have done all that you can…sorry! I think that Taxotere is a particularly nasty poison, that unfortunately can cause nails to loosen. I too perservered with the ‘Rimmel Rescue’ and dark polish, throughtout 8 AC and Tax, but lost a few nails, not the whole nail, but the top layer or too from about halfway down the nail and a whole toe nail (but this was due to me stubbing my toe!) Mine were all lost about 6 weeks after finishing chemo. Hope this helps and you could see damage in ridges, just like the rings of a tree! showing when I had had the chemo,

Regards, here’s hoping that you manage to keep those nails:)

My fingers felt sore after the first stint of Tax and got worse with each one. I had my last chemo 4 weeks ago (3x Fec 3 x Tax) and the pain is easing a bit but my two forefinger and middle nails look like I have traped them in a drawer. Is this a sign that they are going to drop off???

Also I’m confused what is the dark nail polish about - is daylight not a good thing???


Hi Mandy

Not sure what the reason is, I think it may be something to do with light sensitivity, but lots of threads advise dark nail polish and I just went with what had worked for other people. Thats the beauty of this site. The people on here giving advise know what they are talking about because they have been there themselves.


Hi Andie,
I finished Taxotere in May last year and my nails are still dodgy!
My big toe nail on my left foot is half off the nail bed and my fingernails keep splitting all the time and are really short.
I don’t think the dark nail polish thing works,because my feet were in the dark in my shoes the whole time!
Alli x

Allicat and others are right, or at least experience matches mine. Finished Tax in August last year and fingernails still in shock but not awful. I keep them very short because they do seem to crack and split… toenails are another story, oddly ridged still, but hey…

I don’t know about the dark nail polish thing. I do know that the nails that I lost discoloured badly first, so dark polish may have disguised this. Had I bothered using it, that is!

Good luck with the nails. They WILL grow back.


Hi again,
Well,half the nail on one of my big toes has finally come off,all these months after Taxotere!Just when I was about to get my feet ready for Summer and paint my toenails.I’ll have to get a false toe nail now!!
Alli x

have just finished my 7th taxotere , and hands and feet are painful, but the worst is that my finger nails are lifting and smell absolutely foul. I have tried antibiotics but to no avail, Any suggestions please?

Hi all

I had exactly the same problem and was advised to try Kelp extract by Alloway and it has made a fantastic difference in fact my nails are better than they have ever been.

You can get them from Mine are 1 a day, 180mg of Kelp extract, providing 150mg of Iodine.

Highly recommmended,within a few weeks there was a fantastic difference.

Good luck Anne xx

Thanks Anne, will order it straight away !
Kind regards