any advice..wound still open needs to close



After a lumpectomy and large haematoma under scar which has opened my wound, does anyone know anything that could speed up wound to heal. All checks done at hospital and not infected but was told to keep dressing on to ensure I lesson the risk of infection. 


Anyone had this on lumpectomy or mastectomy wound? What diet may help to speed recovery?  Any other tips?


Thanks Louise xxx

Hi loulou,
I had an infection in my lumpectomy ( 10 years ago). They had to reopen the stitch line and I effectively had a hole. They packed it with some seaweed derived material and it healed up slowly from the inside.
Recently had a mastectomy and had a similar healing problem. They used the seaweed stuff again with some silver in it. It kept infection at bay ANC helped it heal.
It does take a few weeks to heal so there no magic cure. Maybe you could ask your bcn about the seaweed silver stuff. It was really good.

Hope it heals quick

Mel x

If you are absolutly sure that there is no infection you could try an ancient remedy - Myrrh - yes like in the bible. You can get it as an aromatherapy oil and add it to some aloe vera gel, just one drop. It makes open wounds start granulating Scabbing) almost immediatly.

I’ve not heard of it being used on post operative wounds but it certainly gets used on uninfected ulcers that won’t heal

Thanks ladies for your response. I dont go to the nurse for dressings changed just do it every couple of days at home. I will ask the bcn about the dressings you’ve mentioned as I really want it to heal to not stop further treatment.


I have my results for clear margins on Wednesday as they were sent back for 2nd opinion (long story!)


I am opting for a mx if they are not clear, decided this from the beginning, dont think it will make a difference to surgery on nodes clearance if I am having mx, but if margins are clear and I keep my breast I am worried about the length of time it will be healing if they wont operate with an open wound.



Any ideas? Xx