Any advice

Hi I’m going to the Marsden tomorrow for a second opp I’m tn with sec in my lungs I’m a little bit stuck for question I don’t really know what to ask any advice be v grateful laura

Hello Laura

I can see that no-one else has replied yet so I wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. I always write down my list of questions and take it with me so that I can’t forget what I want to ask.

Hopefully someone TN / with lung mets will be along in a minute to give you some more advice.

Love Anthi x

Hello again Laura and I can see that no-one else has turned up to advise you.

I’m no expert on TN or lung mets but if it was me I would want to know where exactly in my lungs the mets are and how big they are. I would be asking about all possibilities for further treatment, name of medication, where, how given, how long for, possible side effects and what any further treatment could be expected to achieve.

As I said before, write your questions down and if you can’t take someone with you then write down the answers as well. If you’re like me I find it difficult to remember everything I’m told at these appointments.

Will you be having further treatment at the Marsden or somewhere else?

I hope this has helped a little. Good luck. Love Anthi x

Hi, have you got time to ring the helpline, maybe they can help prepare you for yor appointment, I rung in before my first onc visit and they helped with a list of questions. Maybe you can ask the onc you are seeing to copy you in on any letters to your GP so you have a record/summary of your visit. Good luck! X

Hi laura
just spotted this- best of luck for today. Try not to panic about remembering everything that is said as they will also send out a written report with all the info + recommendations in. The main thing you want to ask about today are your treatment options. You will probably find that you will be physically examined + will talk through your history quite extensively before you will get chance to ask about treatments etc., so you should have chance to relax a bit.
Lets know how it goes
tina x