Any advise on regaining movement after LD Flap?

I had my LD flap reconstruction (right side) on the 15th march this year and I’m wondering how long it’s going to take before I feel less tight and achey. I am doing my exercises but I don’t feel any significant relief from the tightness or much more range of movement…am I being too hopeful too quickly? I am an active and fit person usually and was hoping this would stand me in good stead for recovery. My scars are healing very well but the regaining of normal movement seems to be so slow. My back and side are most affected. I do find I am a little better at getting in and out of bed but when it comes to trying to put my hair up I’m useless and putting on socks is a little trickier than usual. I lean to the bad side when washing/ brushing my hair and I still feel totally pulled down on my right side and you can see it. I really feel I could not drive a car even though it says I should be able to now.
I am starting chemo soon and I’m not looking forward to the thought of extra problems added to my lessened range of movement. I feel and look like an old lady when I’m moving. There is no way I can walk at my usual pace.
Does anyone have any other links or advice on exercises to follow? I don’t feel the little booklet I was given does anything to really stretch out my side.
Out of everything so far I feel my restricted movement is the worst.

Hi Fhifhi

I had an immediate LD flap recon and was given some sheets of exercises - some I was only allowed to start after a certain number of weeks.

I still feel a bit tight at times, but I actually have virtually full range of movement - the ANC has been more limiting.

Why not ask to see a physio? They will be able to assess you properly.

In the meantime, if you want to pm me your email address, I’ll scan them in and send them to you.


Hi there, I totally concur with what DJ has said. I had a physio assessment before surgery and began exercises on Day 1 - for the first couple of weeks I wondered if I’d ever get the movement back but within weeks had full range, was driving after six weeks etc. I still do some exercises everyday (notably walking up the wall and some stretches, which I do in the shower!!) and have been told to do them ‘for life’. You will get there.

The BCC leaflet,%20feeling%20stronger%20leaflet%20%28exercises%20after%20surgery%29.pdf is quite useful if you want to have a look at it.

Thanks for the advice Revcat and DJ007. It’s been 4 weeks since my op and I just can’t seed me having full range of movement in another 2 weeks but I hope you are right!
I am back at hospital on friday and will see physiotherapist then too so will take up woes with her.
It would be great to have a therapist on hand all the time while doing the exercise to make sure they are right :0)
I don’t know what ANC is?


ANC = auxillary node clearance - I had most of my lymph nodes removed.

Good luck!