Any.advise.or similar symptoms please?

2 weeks ago I visited my gp out of concern over my left breast…my left nipple itched iintermittently but no rash, a small pimple appeared just above my nipple, I had shooting pains/aches intermittently through breast & a tender bruised like feeling under my arm. Gp thinks it could be related to my contraceptive pill& commented I have dense lumpy feeling breast anyway bit thought it best to refer me to breast clinic to be on safe side. My appt. Arrived within a week fornthe following week. I woke in the night last.night as under my.arm felt more sore and tender all the way down the side of my breast…and had ached all day…can feel small raised lumps under my arm…which has throughout.the day turned into an ache down my arm, top of my should and into my shoulder blade…probably being paranoid now over additional aches but do you thinknit could be related to my nipple /breast issue? My appt is in 2 days time.

Hi Ali,could be a variety of things try not to get too anxious .GPs always refer to be on the safe side ,very difficult for them to know exactly what is going on without further tests .Vast majority of referrals to Breast Clinic are not subsequently found to be cancer and hopefully they will reassure you on the day .Good luck,horrible anxious time,try and keep busy .Jill.

I am 41, & was experiencing symptoms for 3 weeks before contacting gp (thinking it would go as stangely as it started)

Could be lots of explanations that are not cancer ,think vast majority of referrals to breast clinic have other explanations .Good luck.

I too have a lot of the symptoms you have got, only I have also noticed an indentation on my areola, I’m holding off on seeing my GP as I am due on any day now and want to see if it could be related to that but the itchiness and shooting/achy pains you have described are pretty much exactly the same as I have been experiencing X

After what seemed like an eternity sitting in the waiting room, I was called through and given the all clear…doc thinks that the symptoms I am.experiencing are due a combination of hormonal changes & a recent upper respiritory tract infection (hence the raised glands) off to order some oil of evening primrose tablets recommend. Love an healing wishes to those of you who haven’t been as lucky x x x

Also for those of you worrying about a mammogram…the radiographers couldn’t have been nicer, they put me at ease & were so lovely. …and the mammogram itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Keep strong ladies x x

Nice one,bet you sleep well tonight !!