Any chance of a meet up!

I joined this site a while ago and only getting round to having a good nosey round it now! I did see that there were occasional meet ups for a chat and a glass of something and my friend who is only recently diagnosed and myself who have been through this disease twice would love to meet up with anyone who would like a natter and a laugh. Age is irrelevant! You are as old as you feel!! Evei

Hi Evei, we are currently organising a wee meet-up Lunch in Belfast on Saturday 1st Nov. You’d both be very welcome to join us. I’ll open up the FB page Northern Ireland Bosom Buddies now so you can join and see what is being arranged. Hope you can make it. Carolyn

I must be a complete and utter idiot! I have tried every way to get to your group- through groups, pages, friends and anything else I can find but to no avail!! I must be doing something wrong obviously but I don’t know what! Grrrrrrr!!