any financial help to achieve goals?

any financial help to achieve goals?

any financial help to achieve goals? I’ve had a few financial worries recently with reduced pay and OH not working due to depression.

I have had a long term ambition to learn to sail and as things at home are pretty tough just now, I was advised to try and get away. So looked into sailing courses and they are soooo expensive.

Does anyone out there know of any organisations that help support cancer patients to achieve goals? Without support It is impossible for me to do this and I just know it would do me the world of good to feel ‘normal’ again.

Thanks in anticipation.


ps I never ask for anything usually, this was my friends idea as she had been offered such when she had a stroke but that was throough a non cancer org.

This is one possibility: Sail4Cancer - if you search the forums using this phrase , you will find more information.

Hi Irene

I saw my breast care nurse on Wednesday and she has applied for a MacMillan grant for me as I am also struggling with reduced income due to half pay. It’s £500 and non-means tested.

She says she sees no reason why I won’t be successful. It should take 2-3 weeks so I’ll let you know if I get it.

Lola x

Hi Irene I have just applied for some new specs from the McMillan fund. I broke mine whilst on chemo tossing and turnin’ and taking them off and on whilst in bed. I broke the arm tried to superglue it on got superglue on the lense so now can only see out of one lense. I am on half pay which is about 400 a month and 70 pounds incapacity. Hopefully I will get a grant as I have very compex lenses and they are over £200 pounds. I will let you know if I get it Love Eileen

How do you apply Lots of people have told me to apply to macmillan fund for grant but as i don’t have a macmillan nurse how do you apply? My husband and i are finding it increasingly difficult to manage and car tax is due plus tv licence so we need all the help we can get as both are vital to get through this nhs torture. Please someone tell me who you need to talk to, to get this neccessary help?

Thanks for ideas, I had already found sail4cancer and they have encouraged me to apply for a day course with them which is great but I want to GET AWAY i.e. a complete break from OH!

Have already had a grant from Macmillan to fix my heating 3 mths ago so that’s out I’m affraid.

Any more ideas welcome.


Dear Mounties The following link will take you to the page containing information about Macmillan grants and who is eligible:

You can be referred to a Macmillan nurse by your own GP or hospital medical team, hope this helps.

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