any flexibility around start date of chemo

Hi all. I just wondered how much flexibility there was around your start date for chemo.
On Friday I was given my start date as Monday 11th July, which I said fine to, because I was just glad to finally have a definite date to work towards, but on thinking about it, starting the week after would be so much better.
In May, I had a grade 2 lump removed with clear margins and no node involvement. I’m 32 and have 2 daughters, ages 5 and 9, and the week of the 11th is their last full week at school so there’s loads of end of term stuff going on that I would love to be able to see. Starting the following week would also mean that my treatment day fits in better with my husbands work pattern (which is also 3 weekly). And my social diary is hardly bursting at the seams, but we have a weekend away booked in Oct and the girls have a dance comp in Nov. As it stands my treatment would be the Monday prior to those where shifting by a week would mean it was immediately after. And as my 2nd lot of chemo is Taxotere, from what I’ve read, I’d have a better chance of being able to enjoy these things if there’s been a couple of weeks since last treatment.
I do realise this is chemo and not just a dental check up or something minor that you can fit in as suits, but I just want to be able to keep family life as normal as possible. And I also realise that things could change as I go along, and if I’m not fit, dates could change anyway.
I am a self confessed control freak, but is this a step too far? Can anyone advise from their own experiences? Thank you!

I had my op first then to be followed by chemo, which was delayed due to wound infection. I then asked my onc if I could quickly fit in a weeks holiday abroad, as no chance later and he agreed.
I would certainly ask, good luck.


I was told that they normally like to start chemo 4-6 weeks post surgery. However, cos I moved areas and onc was on hol, mine didn’t start until 9 weeks post op.

My nodes were clear so I was reasonably relaxed about it. If nodes had been involved I would have been jumping up and down to start asap.

Best to ask them and see what they think?



No, not a step too far at all, you need to try and make it as easy for yourself as you can. I asked my onc for my chemo to be put back by 4 weeks last year, as this would mean my daughter would be back at school after the summer holidays. He wouldn’t agree to that much but did agree to 2 weeks which meant she got most of her school holidays as normal as possible.

You should definitly ask, I can’t see how a week would matter, as you say youself if you weren’t fit it would be put off.

Good luck with your Chemo.

Grace xx

Mads, I asked for mine to be put back because of an op my OH was having, and then for another week because of a friend’s wedding that was taking place during chemo and my onc agreed. Your request is reasonable - they’re not totally inhuman and do sometimes appreciate that we have lives to lead. I’m sure they’ll be able to accommodate you.

I asked for my start date to be postponed and there was no problem with doing that. I think most medics recognise that being able to fulfill personal obligations makes the whole process easier for the patient and will make the effort to accomodate your request.