Any Help/Advice/Comments greatfully received

Hi all,
I posted on here a little while ago, my mum has bc with secondaries to lung, bones, superclavicular lymph…

at the beginning of March mom needed a pleural effusion for fluid collected on her lung, which was effective, but the fluid was back within days. She has been hospitalised since 8 March, and has had pleurodesis performed with some success.
The secondaries in her lung however seem to be “gathering momentum” as the onc put it, and her prognosis is now only a few months. She has lost approx 2 stone in a matter of weeks, her appetite is very poor.

We have a care package in place, equipment arriving at her home to keep her there as long as possible, and lots of lovely supportive family and friends…

my question is, when will be the right time to suggest a move to a hospice? I don’t want mom to be in any more discomfort than necessary, and yet also, I don’t want her to think we are “sending her off” as it were.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, sorry if it sounds trite.
any comments gratefully recieved, and hugs to all those who need them.

Hello tired123,

None of what you posted sounded trite, but rather more like loving care for your mother.

I’m not qualified to comment on the timing questions you have but just wanted to say that there will be others here who will have more knowledge and experience and I’m sure they’ll be along. Also call the helpline here and perhaps contact the Macmillan site.

Thinking of you


Thank you for all of your lovely comments.
Unfortunately my beautiful brave mum lost her fight one week ago today.
I am devastated at the hole she has left in my life, and she will never be forgotten.

Dear tired123,

On behalf of the moderation team here at BCC, please accept our condolences on your sad loss.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator